I’m off to Boston where I’ll be presenting work Saturday and Sunday 4/21-22 in the Ideas in Motion (dance + technology) portion of Boston CyberArts. (At the last minute, I wound up involved not only Saturday afternoon at 2pm with my own work, but Sunday morning at the Swiss Consulate with Andrea Haenggi.) More on this here on CDMusic and CDMotion soon. Anything going on that weekend? (Making my travel plans now.) Anything worth making an additional trip from New York to Boston to see? Let me know!

  • teej

    something worthwhile happening in Boston?!? i highly doubt it bro. i think the closest interesting or fun thing is about 4 hours away, in NYC.

    wish i never moved up here.

  • Yeh…what Teej said. 🙁

    Just remember, the last time someone tried to do cool cyber art in this town, the bomb squad was called in… (sigh)

    I'll take a look around and let you know what's going down. Off the top of my head:

    ICA: We have a new ICA that's pretty awesome. Worth a visit if you have the time.

    Friday the 20th: Thunderdome: Sweaty dance party with some of Boston and Providence's finest DJs…in The Elk's Lodge.


    On Saturday, I'll be part of panel discussing "Video Games as Art" here: http://www.cityofboston.gov/bra/createboston/powe



  • Hi Peter,

    NYC artists visiting Boston for a change! What a refreshing change. Considering I live right down the road from the Green Street Sudios, I'll see if I can't stop by Ideas in Motion to say hi.

    Saturday the 21st there will be a bunch of visual artists presenting down in the Fort Point area – a biofeedback multimedia installation, the next iteration of Electric Sheep, and Wiimote-controlled visual feedback.


    I'm sure there will be some sort of afterparty action as well, though I don't know exactly what or where.

    If you're up for visiting on the following weekend (Apr. 27-28), I'll be involved in a pair of events that are shaping up to be interesting.

    4/27: Zap! @ the Museum of Science – a concert featuring live musicians, singers, musical robots, and a 50-foot high Van de Graaff Generator.

    4/28: Visual Music Marathon at Northeastern University – curated works from around the world, plus live performances.


    j e f f

  • Freex to Geex 2007

    Computer music sound, live video & improvised music; Berklee faculty & students w/ special guests. Olivia Block presents the world premiere of Rime and Glaze for 16 musicians. Block's score integrates voices, string quartet, laptop soloists, live improvisation with contact microphones and more. Pierce Warnecke, Anthony Baldino and Julia Campbell from Berklee's Music Synthesis Department present new electroacoustic works. Berklee professor Neil Leonard presents Echoes and Footsteps for winds, electronics and video.

    * Presented by the Music Synthesis Dept. of Berklee College of Music & Boston Cyberarts Festival

    Berklee College of Music, Fenway Recital Hall, 22 Fenway Rd., Boston

    7:30 PM


    Sounds like it could be interesting

    Sunday April 29

  • btw, that event is part of Boston jazz week, tons of great jazz shows going on April 21-29. Support Boston jazz! Theres a bunch of amazing musicians scattered throughout this city, but this is one of the few concentrated events that we have, and even this is spread out amongst a bunch of different venues. For more information check out