The tour with Bobby Flynn is hotting up now. Over the weekend we had two shows: In Brisbane and the Gold Coast, which meant that I spent about 8 hours of my weekend setting up and tearing down my rig, aligning projectors and screens, running cables, and running around. The tour map currently displays 16 gigs down Australia’s east coast, and we will have another 35 or so joining them over the next week or so as dates are finalized. The cardboard box protecting my V4 during transport has already torn, and I’m sick of plugging and unplugging cables. So I need to get this stuff cased up, for the protection of my hardware and my sainity.

Jaymis' VJ Rig for Bobby Flynn Australian Tour

The current list (left to right, top to bottom):

  • Wii – for pre-show warmups and after hours fun. Need to organize a wireless sensor bar.
  • Behringer BCD2000 – Ghetto, but functional.
  • Behringer BCR2000 – less ghetto than the BCD2000, and more functional.
  • Numark AVM02 – Reviewed here.
  • Samsung 940n 19″ LCD Monitor
  • Lacie 200GB External Drive – Several years old, so should probably be replaced
  • Macbook – Main Laptop. Running VDMX, Max/MSP/Jitter, Ableton Live etc.
  • Thinkpad – Backup laptop. Running Ableton Live, Max/MSP/Jitter, Processing etc.
  • Korg Kaoss Pad Entrancer – Video/Audio effects unit.
  • Edirol V4
  • Small Form Factor PC
  • Voxson portable DVD player/monitor

Of course everyone has a different idea of what a roadcase should be. Peter’s super-urban New Yorker lifestyle and transport situation makes the words “roadcase” and “backpack” basically interchangeable for him. In Brisbane the living space and transport isn’t quite so cramped, so I’ve traditionally used a big suitcase packed with stuff, and accompanied it with various gear in cardboard boxes. This is cheap, but requires a full setup and teardown for each gig. Fine when you’re playing a couple of times per month, but right now I have 19 shows scheduled for May alone, which means I’d lose approximately 2 days of my life to packing and unpacking my VJCase. I can’t lose those days though, as I have them days earmarked for learning Max/MSP/Jitter and groupie-related activities.

So, something which lets me keep most things plugged in would be ideal. I also need to keep my kit at around 20Kg or less per “item”, as some shows will require air travel.

As luck would have it, while I was writing the band’s bass player and tour organization guru Mickey visited and brought with him the lid from the front of a disused rack case. We tried it out and discovered that it fit my MIDI controllers, V4 and Entrancer perfectly. So here’s the current situation:

Testing Jaymis' VJ Rig for Bobby Flynn Australian Tour

The plan right now is to split everything into 2 cases. The first – rack-style – holding my PC, Monitor, AVM02 and other miscellaneous gear, while the second (above) gets a lid, so it can house midi controllers, laptops, effects etc. and act as 2 tables for the actual performances.

I have some ideas on how to proceed, but I’d love to hear feedback from CDMo readers. How do you transport your gear to shows? How can I organize things so there’s the minimum setup time for each gig? Why would I bother casing Behringer controllers anyway?

  • grigori

    I manage to have everything I need for a gig packed in just two bags. One of them is back-pack with laptops and bcr and some essential cabling, while the other would have motherload of extension cords, splitters(you can always need one just in case), video mixer, wireless gear, dvd players with preview etc, etc, etc.

    Sometimes I bring projector as well.

    With time I'll design much better organised system, would also be cool to have expandable stands so you can always achieve your perfect hight. I always stand up when I play.. cannot stand sitting.

  • id say stick with that case and start securing it down for permanent placement, as far as the cords, you can even secure those down right before the input, so that they are ALWAYS right next to the input, so all you have to do is reach in back and plug in, rather then untangle, stretch out etc..

    then just get a bag for the lappies and maybe one more tuff box for the screen/wii

    I wouldnt be able to tell you how I carry my rig around, because it has only 2 of the items that you have, a behringer and a p.o.s alienware, and occasionally a novation remoteSL, so taking my stuff around only requires 2 bags

  • also, cant forget zip ties, to keep all those cables untangled and bunched up.
    I for one cant STAND loose cables, i always either misplace or forget them when there not together.

  • Question : How do you case and transport your visualist rig?

    Answer: I just put my laptop in my shoulderbag. πŸ˜‰

    Jesus christ that is a lot of gear….

  • Zac Darko

    Its all about the foam mate, buy a piece that fits that rather fetching case

    cut some holes and indents with an art knife and ruler to fit the gear in (and cables underneath)

    and pronto

    p.s. adding rollerblade wheels to bottom of case is handy transport idea

    have a hole out the back for one extension cable to come out of and have an internal powerbar (pref with surge protector eh)

    this is a case made by a live aus techno dude, "Holotropik"

  • Zac Darko

    ^ oh yeah forgot to mention, notice the legs that fold down?? cool huh! getting ideas now?

  • Thanks Zac. Holotropik's case was made by BlueCat, who we've been dealing with for the other tour gear, so I guess I'm on the right track πŸ™‚

    that foam setup looks fantastic.


  • that's way too much gear for me. After lugging a ton of gear around for a year I've started to downsize my rig, I'm slowly replacing everything. My BCF2000 became a faderfox, I just wish I could magically turn my 17" laptop into a 12" one…

  • Well, perhaps I should clarify a little.. This would normally be WAY too much gear for me as well, but we're going on a gigantic tour, and the visuals are going to grow and change as we progress, so I wanted to give myself as much creative freedom as possible.

    Oh, and I wanted to bring shitloads of gear, because there will be roadies to help me carry it πŸ™‚

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  • LOL oh Jaymis… Yes thats a lot of gear. J actually uses as much space on stage in Segue as Leo and i do… well almost πŸ˜›

    PS, hi Richard and Zac.. nice to see some familiar names around CDMotion πŸ™‚

  • Lugging gear is a real pain in the arse, and it has been for this very reason that we have started leaving alot of ours at home and filming and editing 100's of our own video clips (storing on a small external) cutting back on decks and samplers. The case is still a good idea and is something we'll be looking into too i think.

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