Adding to our running tally of totally geeky events, electronic musician Chachi Jones writes with a report from the Yuri’s Night party at NASA’s Ames Research Center. Sure, Yuri’s Night events, in honor of the great space explorer cosmonaut, take place all over the world. But when it hits Ames, you get a full-blown rave — and fantastic electronic music, to boot.

Among others, Plaid and Telefon Tel Aviv made appearances. Chachi jumped into his flight suit with his circuit-bent Touch & Tell and Korg Kaoss Pad, which makes a nice mobile music setup. Also spotted: a toy keytar running through a ghetto blaster, our friend Steve Cooley’s space suit and jetpack, lots of space pr0n, and a spaced-out stage anyone would kill to play.

Check out the evidence, and you’ll no doubt be as jealous as I am:

Chachi’s flickr set (as pictured above); full flickr pool

cnet TV: NASA’s Space Rave

Yuri’s Night Coverage Links from the official party site

(NASA didn’t officially endorse the event, presumably in fear we’d see them as really cool, or aligned with the CCCP.)

If you’re looking to hold your own space party, see Create Digital Motion on 3D space video and photos of the sun.

  • I am beyond jealous. That is. By far. The best. Party Ever. Jesus h Christ on a pogo stick.

  • bliss

    I second your comments, vade!

  • nice rockets and helmet!! (I built those :))

  • In theory this should have been the best party ever, reality was sorta meh. After the initial thrill of being at Ames and being on the tarmac of a very historic and restricted area wore off, the party itself was pretty lame. Seemed like a bunch of reporters that were totally in awe of the ravers and their creations, and a bunch of ravers annoyed by the restrictions placed upon them at every turn. Kinda like a prison party… crazy location, not much party.

  • I agree with erik_Hz here. I would have thought the event was pretty awesome back in… 1998. The overall setup was pretty cool and the visuals and sound were plenty good, but there just wasn't much of a vibe. It felt like a lot of people wandering around waiting for Plaid to play… but maybe that was just me.

    Plaid was mediocre in my opinion, too. Their best songs were good and that was maybe half of them, but the other half felt like they weren't really trying. It was just filler.

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