Let the spectral madness begin, all speedy and Intel-y on your MacBook: VOKATOR and SPEKTRAL DELAY are finally here, rounding out NI’s Intel-native lineup and gathering the last of the stragglers onto Apple’s faster new machines. Vokator 1.2 and Spektral Delay 1.6 each add Intel-native support for Macs. That’s it; there’s nothing else here for you. Windows users, move along. (Too bad, as it would have been nice to get some little present in the update. New presets, maybe? Anything?)

Nonetheless, these are two of my favorite processing plug-ins, and having them ready for Intel Macs is truly a great thing. Expect to see me vocoding my voice at the next gig.

Cost: US$29 / EUR 25 upgrade, or free for owners of the individual plug-in or Komplete who registered after 9/12/06.

Spektral Delay Universal Binary
Vokator Universal Binary

Anyone out there using VOKATOR for live vocoding effects? (In case you’ve been struggling, soon I’ll post my tutorial on setting this up in Ableton Live, which is not immediately intuitive because of the lack of dedicated side-chains in Live, though it is possible.)

  • Oli

    hey peter, i'd love a vokator tutorial 😀 been mystified by that that plug for years.

  • dead_red_eyes

    I've been waiting for this day, as I've really wanted to get a vocoder, and I've heard that Vokator is where it's at. I really love the NI products that I have, Battery 3 and Absynth 4. Those guys make some great products. Although now, I regret getting Battery 3, as Kontakt 2 would've been a better choice for me.

    I'd love to see a tutorial Peter!

  • Of all the vocoders I've seen, I'm definitely partial to Vokator and the built-in stuff in Reaktor. So work on this, I shall! Have the Ableton routing portion done; can follow that up with how to use the vocoder itself.

  • robb

    they dropped the sidechain inputs on the AU version. no you have to jump through all sorts of hoops to vocode two audio sources together, and you can't do it in stereo. bitterness.

  • NI VOKATOR been out 4 @least 4yrs on the PC…

    thatS one thing I always had a problem with Mac… they never get enuff software 4 making that "extra step" when pushing computer mixes

  • I've tried several vocoder vsts but haven't found one that is easy to use.

    I'd also love to find a plug-in that'll translate audio to midi from one track into a second track for a vst synth to play.

  • yo peter, not quite all products are UB…still waiting on Elektrik Piano. WHY MUST THEY LEAVE THIS, PROBABLY MY MOST USEFUL TOOL, UNTIL LAST? You should get some people to get some other people to kick some butts…haha

  • What is the processor hit like for the Spektral Delay? I've been furiously making Live racks to do something primitively similar and would love to just plop a few of these into a Live set, tweak them, and be done with it.

  • bd

    I am still fan of the ELS-Vocoder.

    it's S O U N D.

    and now ————–> group buy.
    http://www.eiosis.com/groupbuy http://www.eiosis.com/elsvocoder

  • Dj McManus have u ever used da korg vocoder??? well thiS plug in actually works da same way, but like u guess'd it through Midi N audio channels… its pretty easy (if u can play da keyboard) but it'll take a 2day minimum 2 learn da actually plug in… this is betta then using one of those auto vocoders dats out there…. just think about having control of what u did with da vocoder like its suppose 2 be done

  • That's where I've run into trouble with proper vocoders, in the past. Applying the vst to my audio track and then trying to run the midi information in perfect synch. Always out of sync or poor results.

    Funny enough though, I'm getting great result with vst plugins, like drumazon, where they behave more like gear than softsynths which are totally integrated into the DAW and all pretty much interchangeable.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to upgrade from the paper towel cardboard tube I'm using right now.

  • looollooll yeah well i gues ur not a fan of midi-audio then….. I get da same problem with my i-axe guitar when running FL studio 7 or cubase… do u think it might b because of ur PC power… like how up to date is ur computer because when working wit midi-audio its best done wit the best processor power possible.. heck I even thought bale upgrading my computer one more time just 2 make sure I was getting da best proformance period… BTW what about ur soundcard???? is it good for home studio recording/production… that matters da most when dealing wit "lantency"

  • this plug in acts better when u have a "lower lantency" sound card (ex. e-mu has a great affordable soundcard starting at $100)