After early driver releases by MOTU, RME, Roland/Edirol, and a few others, the Vista driver landscape has been pretty quiet. (M-Audio, anyone?) Some drivers will work anyway, after dismissing some warning dialog boxes. But having Vista-ready drivers is, of course, ideal.

PreSonus is the latest, with new 32-bit and 64-bit Vista drivers (and XP/XP x64) for its 10×10 FireWire-based Firepod interface. These are WDM Audio drivers, along with the usual ASIO drivers. Based on information from Microsoft and developers, it’s our understanding that only PCIe-based interfaces can support the new high-performance WaveRT driver technology, though we have heard from readers who claim better performance for USB and FireWire devices under Vista, as well.

Any PreSonus owners out there running Vista, we’d love to hear how this works for you — and if you can use the XP drivers for the other PreSonus hardware under Vista even without official “Vista support.”

PreSonus Downloads

  • BassTooth

    i just wanted to add that Pre-Sonus has horrible tech support. when their product breaks and you send it back to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for repair, they give lame excuses for not being able to fix it for months like; their computer system is down and the IT guy is on vacation or they are short on staff and backed up with repairs. other than that they make a great product.

  • Choong

    I'm personally glad that I got out of using Presonus when I did. This was back in the days when they had the…Firestation. Funny you mention the craptastic service they gave because I blew a school year trying to figure out driver issues, before and after the infamous firmware upgrade. They were nice people, all in all, but as you said, they took a while to service the device and I had sent the same unit to them twice or thrice even (which one is it?!). I can imagine things to be more hectic now, now that they decided to ditch the bug-ridden mLAN protocol and went for developing proprietary drivers. That's fine and all, but periodically I would find reports online about driver issues with laptops. One thing I must say is that their intention seems good and I'm sure their non-computer related devices are amazing. Invaluable to any audio purchase is driver compatibility (especially if you have a laptop, since they tend to have more issues than desktops), and it's a shame that such a promising company like Presonus failed to come through with that one basic feature.

  • Thanks for the comments on service; I certainly welcome any anecdotal experience with vendors.

    Unfortunately, there really isn't a comprehensive standard format for FireWire audio devices. Most interfaces will require specialized drivers for the features needed for the interface. And mLAN doesn't count as an open standard, unless I'm missing it — not to mention, virtually no one is using it outside Yamaha. So, that's led to mixed experience (on Windows, at least) with drivers from lots of vendors. I'd sure like to see a better-developed audio class, though I don't know what the technical challenges to creating this might be.

  • well i have had nothing but good experiences with my firebox and Macbook. It worked perfectly straight away without needing to install any drivers.

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  • Shaz


    I really do need help connecting cubaseSX with Yamaha CVP 55 Clavinova?

    Don't know if I have a good enough sound card on this new Vista computer, so need Asio download probably?

    This is where it gets sticky! How do I connect the piano to the cubaseSX?

    Novice and Desparate!!!!!!!



  • Jan van Herp

    All the comments are quite old. That is a pity because I want to learn from other (recent) expiriences. My fp10 is not working well with the Vista home edition and the latest v 2.46 vista drivers. I constantly have to restart my computer because the driver stops working and the sound is bad compared with my on board soundcard on my newly purched HP/Compac computer. Please help me.