Berrtil screen grab

Bertill is an insanely glitchy distortion unit based on models of circuit-bent hardware, as a free VST for Windows and Mac (Universal Binary). Actually, whether you should really believe that or not, I’m not certain: I’m only vaguely sure of the relationship of the massive digital mangling this plug-in causes and the obscure Handycam shots uploaded to YouTube of a circuit-bent setup. Regardless, the thing sounds wonderfully awful. The knobs are straightforward and will demolish your sound entirely if you like; dial different “types” for a variety of different settings. Some of the higher type numbers are actually fairly subtle. Good stuff.

Shuriken: Berrtil Distortion unit

Here’s what it can sound like hooked up to a pad from Sytrus:


Sure, theoretically you should use real circuit-bent hardware for this. But this is fun anyway.

The plug-in is the creation of a Swedish Betabugs Audio vet going by the name Shuriken, which is apparently a ninja star. (Nice domain!) Lots of other good things on the site. Here’s the circuit-bent setup, though you mostly see it rather than hear it. Use your imagination:

  • anon

    "going by the name Shuriken, which is apparently a ninja star"

    Shuriken is any kind of blade (well, tool… It could be a club technically) that is concealed or used secretly, by definition… but ninja star sounds much cooler. Either way if you try and break into my studio you get to find out what a gifted thrower I am 😉

    No, I'm not a psycho; music and martial arts studies are interlinked in traditional spiritual training.. So is flower arrangement. So psycho, no, weird hippy guy, maybe 🙂

  • I find that sometimes I want a ninja star on a mix, sometimes a club, so that makes sense.

  • OMG, so good too se one's labour in CDM, I mean, it is my favorite blog.

    Peter you can contact me and we can discuss further about the wonders of that youtube video 🙂

  • Check out Kerrstinn and CopyShop as well.

    The design of his plug-ins don't really do them justice IMO, they are really much better than they look…

  • I will update all of the GUI's one of these days 🙂

  • Michael Una

    That video is hilarious.

  • And I think the interfaces rock, too. I mean, how can you top a duck?

  • i like its beautiful interface more than its function:)