I’m pleased to announce the first-ever CDM Giveaway. We’ve got over US$4,000 of hardware and software tools for music creation, and we’d like to give you the chance to win them. To do that, we’re holding a good, old-fashioned prize drawing — I’ve been warming up my true random number generator — so that all you have to do is enter for a chance to win. To better your odds, each prize will get a different winner.

CDM Giveaway Info Page; official rules (no purchase necessary).

Here’s what we’ve got:

Akai MPC500 mobile music workstation
Ableton Live 6 music production software
Alesis ControlPad drum pad controller
Glyph GT 050Q 250GB eSATA/USB/FW400/FW800 hard drive
Moog Music Moogerfooger FreqBox VCO effects box
Native Instruments Absynth 4 soft synth
Native Instruments Elektrik Piano soft synth
Numark Total Control DJ control surface
PreSonus FaderPort

…plus boxes of Ableton beanies and AudioMIDI.com Synth Legends DVDs. You can check everything out on the giveaway page.

And get some link love, too: Eligible residents of the United States can enter to win any one of these prizes. Unfortunately, for legal reasons we can’t extend the whole sweepstakes to international readers. To make up for it, we’ll be watching international entries for the best blogs, project pages, and music websites to feature on CDM, and we’ll send out Ableton beanies and/or DVDs to our favorite entries. (American readers, we’ll be watching your pages, too, so be sure to include your URLs when you enter.)

We’ve been putting this together for a while now and it’s been a lot of work, so I’m excited to be able to roll it out. We’ve hand-picked some of our favorite gear and software makers to partner with, or we wouldn’t be doing this.

Full details on the giveaway page. Enter now, because at the stroke of midnight following Monday, June 11, the contest is over. And I really want to get these boxes of gear and swag shipped. It’ll be a lot more fun out of the brown cardboard boxes, I’m sure.

Update: If you’re not from the US — please do fill out the form, if you include nothing other than your URL (so we can check out your site) and your country. (Nothing else is required.)

We’re really sorry we weren’t able to go global on this one for legal reasons (I try to explain why in comments). But that’s all the more reason to find out where you’re from. Server stats provide a very incomplete picture of what country people are from, and we would like to know. And if you include contact info, I might at least be able to get some of you some swag.

  • dead_red_eyes

    Peter, every day since I found this site I find myself coming here 10+ times a day. The work you do here is above and beyond really … the fact that you're already so freaking busy with working on other sites, and yet you work so hard on this one … it's just nuts. And then you do stuff like this, man … it's above and beyond my friend. It's really shows how dedicated you are, and how much passion you have for music … and how you care about your readers/supporters. I applaud you for all these things, and look forward to seeing CDM get bigger and bigger. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Justin

    definitely agree with DRE

    good stuff no doubt

    now you just need to post an article on how to crack secured wireless networks so i can get online more often! =)

  • james

    i live in aus…. i wanta an mpc wahhh

  • NineTailedFox

    Can you guys invade and annex us so I can enter?

  • cas

    As we say here in Mexico, MAMENLO!!


    Yes Krim I LOVE YOU

    ok… talking seriously

    i just want to Thank you for everything you do to keep this (amazin/wonderful/miraculous) site.

    CDM is the first blog that i read every day

    From Mexico..



  • Awhhh man I wish I was in the U.S. now. I hope I win the beanie!

    Anyways, cheers from an Estonian-Canadian living in aus, keep up everything -tis great.

  • Gil

    This is just Awesome. Great Job getting this together Peter! I'm sure it wasn't easy to do.

  • Gil

    crap. i forgot to enter my url in the contest survey entry thingy.

  • velocipede

    Indeed thanks for this great blog and site.

    Do I qualify for the drawing? I'm a resident of Japan right now, but will be a resident of the USA on June 11 (not just temporarily this time, but for the indefinite future—come to think of it, there is no finite future…).

  • dajebus

    The world: We love your site!

    CDM: Thanks! We love you too!

    The world: Oh a contest! how awesome!

    CDM: yea the thing about that is… well, your country sucks. your like, from a different county and stuff? and like, we don't really want you to win anything. Nothing personal! You just have like, weird laws and stuff.

    The world: Really? but we wanna enter.. the prises look really nice..

    CDM: yea but your so great. We love you!

    The world: but most of your visitors are not from America…

    CDM: Your so super! like, your my most best friend evar!

    The world: so we can't enter the contest then?

    CDM: Thanks for clicking on all the ads tho! we really like that! your so great like that world!

    The world: *sigh*

    CDM: But your country is really great, you can fill in the thing anyway! ok? Super! Your special! really!

    The world: but…

    CDM: Your super! thanks so much for clicking on all the ads and stuff!

    The world: uhh.. ok.

  • Its called market research. Advertisers don't care about non-us readers cause you are less likely to waste cash on stupid shazz. Needless to say… I entered.

  • Thanks to everybody for all the appreciation! And yes, I wish I could spread free gear all over the planet. Back to that world tour idea.

    For the record, the reason you see US-only contests all the time really is legal. (Look closely and you'll see the companies operating them just happen to be in the US.) Now that you're online, you could be bound by the laws of any country anywhere in the world if you don't restrict things. Even here in the US, we're bound by different laws in different states. It's possible, but resolving legal issues generally means hiring lawyers, which gets expensive. Anyway, that doesn't just apply to us — that's true of other US-restricted contests and sweepstakes you see. The music instruments industry is most definitely international.

    By the way, it's NOT US laws you should blame … it's the fact that, as with so many other things, the Internet is international and the law is local. It's what's keeping us from having real international distribution of music and online music sales, too. It's definitely frustrating, but we'll be looking at ways of working around it wherever we can.

  • Oh, and to answer the earlier comment:

    If the US were to be fully annexed by another country (Mexico … Australia), we would become part of their legal jurisdiction. So that is one solution.

    Just saying.


  • Australia would be all right. Or Holland. Or Switzerland. Quite possibly that'd be doing the world a great favor. 🙂

    One thing I noted on the survey — electric guitars are kinda borderline. Are they "acoustic" or "electronic?" I went ahead and counted mine as "acoustic." (Though the use I'm going to put it to is clearly going to be electronic; it'll be more of a sample source than anything.)

  • Lost

    Whoa…never thought I'd see the day I'd be glad to be in America. Other than that whole freedom shit. But i don't think thats so special 200+ years later…..

  • Alan

    Peter, keep doing this grate job on CDM, the really ONE music blog! Thanks for all day news and articles, here in Argentina all the electroacoustic musicians and composers read you!

  • Thanks for the drawing! I didn't put my mailing address in. Will I still be part of the drawing?



  • I love this site, so many cool ideas and new tech every day, I just wish I had the time or money to take advantage of it. Maybe now I'll at least have the gear…if I win. Thanks Peter!!

  • Thank you for providing an option for "other" in gender! I started cringing when I saw the question, but then got a huge smile when I scrolled down further. Thank you, Peter, for this site, this contest, and for being gender-inclusive!

  • thanks peter + other cdm peeps

  • thesimplicity

    Yay, Arizona is considered a part of the US! I can't count how many times this state has gotten the shaft. This is awesome.

  • bliss

    Yes, another enthusiatic word of thanks to you, Peter! 🙂

  • bliss

    And all of the other contributers as well: Jaymis, Matrix, Quantazelle,…, just everybody else! Can't remember all of the names right now. Forgive me. 🙂

  • dead_red_eyes

    Yes, definite big ups to Jaymis, Matrix, Quantazelle, and the rest of the crew!

  • [a different] Alan

    Nice time to say thanks for an awesome site! It's great to see new product updates and reviews targeted at my type of music, and inspiring to see vintage equipment and the like featured as well.

    (That Numark DJ surface is staring at me..must… win…prize)

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  • Bummer about the non-international'ness (being an Aussie and all) but I'm still happy to fill in the forms and provide a bit of 'market research', I owe you at least that much for the countless hours you've stolen from me! 🙂 Here's to you CDM!

  • Thanks everybody; it really does feel great to get your feedback!

    I'll add my own big thanks to W. Brent Latta and, though it's been a bit longer so recent readers may have missed that, Lee Sherman. And Jaymis, Josh, and Nat have been huge behind the scenes, Jaymis in particular.

    Any ideas for how we can make this up to the rest of the world, incidentally, I'm all ears.

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  • Peter hopefully the Australian's commenting above realise that Jaymis and Nat (and myself) are one of them and rest assured there are some lovely things that can be pursued this side of the ocean. All credit must go to CDM and Peter though… rather then just RSS-gurgitating the same content time and again this site has generated and pursued some special features, articles and endless amusement. I think many would be amused even moreso at the trials and tribulations of being such a hugely popular blog, especially one that goes to such efforts to include such unique content. Im always amazed at the readers out there too. Lots of familiar names and lots of inspiring collaborations and conversations. Go CDM!

  • Niq

    Woah! A TotalControl?!? You rock Peter!

    ~niq (USA)

  • hi CDM,

    look, i want to win this fantastic prize and all but i have tried my hardest also in a another competition too. it was to win a cdj-100mk3 and djm-800.

    worth over 7 grand.

    i hope i can win these goodies someday. i am having alot of bad luck. 🙁 🙁