MAKE:Magazine and Create Digital Music will co-host the Chips + Fish + Music Maker Faire Party next Saturday in San Francisco. But before we get to that, I have to share the latest design from CDM’s visual artist Nat Jeanneret (the reason CDM looks the way it does, and the blogger behind onetonnemusic):

CDM the flag

If you are in the Bay Area, or coming into town for the awesomeness that is the Maker Faire, we would love to invite you to the party.

What: Chips + Fish + Music Party, the Maker Faire “after party”
Brought to you by: MAKE:Magazine and CDM
Who: Anyone making their own music with chips (little chips, big chips, Intel Core Duo chips), or anyone who loves to eat chips and/or fish. Makers from the Faire, locals, visitors all welcome.
When: Saturday, May 19. 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm: featured music sets. 9:30 pm – whenever: hang, DIY musical show-and-tell, eat fish and/or chips.
Where: Edinburgh Castle Pub, 950 Geary St. San Francisco, CA. 415-885-4074. (5pm – 2 am; map.)
Why: Because we love DIY music, whether it’s customized hardware, self-made software, or just lovingly-programmed commercial gear and apps.

And there’s more: I’m looking for a couple of additional featured sets, lots more partygoers, and also have a music lineup to share Friday night at Robotspeak (more performances than party there):

Featured sets and show-and-tells wanted: We still have a couple of slots left for short (20-30 minute) featured sets in the featured block, and I’d like to open that to CDMers and Maker Faire participants. If you have a set you’d like to share, and you’re an international celebrity or an obscure loner, drop me a line. (peter AT createdigitalmusic *dot* com.)

If you have a small DIY project you’d like to show and tell and, for instance, it wasn’t quite ready for the Maker Faire, bring it along. Especially handy: mobile devices, like your latest Nintendo DS / Game Boy / GP2X / Palm tracker set. We’ll be sharing stuff during the 9:30 hang. There’s also live music at the space, some of which sounds great, so I expect some people will go listen to that.

If you like fish and chips, we’ll have a pre-order form ready to make sure it’s there when you get there. I’m told they’re hooked up with the best fish & chips supplier in San Francisco.

I’ll be sure to post a reminder and details next week closer to the event, including travel instructions if you’re in San Mateo for Maker Faire like me.

Plus a Friday night Robotspeak party: Robotspeak has put together a really amazing lineup that I’m thrilled to be part of, with short music sets and artist Q&A. In the lineup, aside from me: Pineresin (Dielectric), Chachi Jones, and Daedalus (Plug Research / Ninja Tune). They’ve created a beautiful poster, too, which implies that while Daedalus is on Ninja Tune, I’m on … Mac World. (I’m guessing that’s because of my occasional contributions to Macworld Magazine. Though I may have to call up Chris Breen and see if he wants to start a Macworld record label.) Anyway, don’t be phased by that — if you get to stop by, the event is Friday at 589.5 Haight Street, at Steiner, at Robotspeak. I say that like I have any idea where that is. Happily, Google Maps knows (and now even has BART stops). That flyer really is nice:


  • dead_red_eyes

    That sounds seriously awesome. I wish I could make it.

  • Ooooo — I might be there for fish party. Living in the Bay? Hooray!

  • Get this going on down in San Diego already. We're starving for it more than SF is!!!

    Do it or else I'll kidnap Joe Grand or something and he'll never be able to edit for make again!

    Oh wait, Joe's up in SF now, right? Bah!

  • CDM World Tour. You've got it. Heck, I don't even like San Francisco.

    KIDDING. I'm kidding.

  • >Heck, I don’t even like San Francisco.

    >KIDDING. I’m kidding.

    For a couple seconds there my multimeter overloaded as legions of circuit-bent toys here in the Bay amped up to discharge a glitched-out lightning bolt in your direction, Peter… that was close.

    I'll be there! If I'm lucky, I'll make both.

  • Ha! Well, when I do die, I hope I can go like THAT.

    World tour part, that I'm serious about.

    I heart SF. Even more so at Maker Faire time.

  • k9d is a master of the little piggy tracker and xik who designed midines are both in the area. They should play!

  • Excellent. I'm gonna be at the Faire doing promo for the book I wrote for O'Reilly/Make. Some of the stuff I'll be displaying is music related: a poor man's Blaster Beam and (dig it) a mechanical percussion sequencer with built in acoustic instruments *and* triggers for my TD-8 module. All I gotta do is figure out how to schlep the damned things from the Faire grounds to the club.

    Anybody help a brother out?

  • If anyone has one of these, by the way, definitely bring it. (Or, this being Make, make your own fish pillow.)

  • I just moved to the bay area from St. Louis this is something we would be interested in. We do experimental music with self concurrently program modified Casio & Yamaha machines other knicks and knacks for bending. I use antiquated IT tracker methods of audio construction/deconstruction with a nice splash of modern. If interested in learning more about our sound feel free to contact us.

    I was referred by Protus of the Human After Taste


    Zaxxon Spacecase

    Positive Fusion Super Co

    Super Bad Ass Inc


  • Zaxxon Spacecase

    Retardo D-2/Zaxxon is super excited to be tearing some logic to pieces.