Laptop musicians, had enough of people saying you look like you might be checking your email? Try actually checking your email. That’ll show ’em. David Battino (who also runs O’Reilly’s Digital Media site) did an “advertorial” for Electronic Musician on Frontier Design’s AlphaTrack. He goes into lots of details as far as assignments, but as a quick “because it’s there” gimmick, assigns a function key to an AppleScript for checking email. This being CDM, I’d want to go further, like assigning the contents of your email server to a wild visualization in Processing or something. But David does have some great tips for using the AlphaTrack, beyond just silencing (or encouraging?) laptop music critics:

Frontier Alpha Track:
The Sound of One Fader Sliding

And yes, it will make this t-shirt into a lie.

  • anon

    I'm a fan of Frontier at the moment – They currently have the only non-USB 8×8 MIDI interface supported by Vista or x64 winXP (Sierra), which runs from the Dakota PCI soundcard, which when expanded by the Montana addon is the only 4x ADAT card available aside from the MOTU424 – which is no competition given MOTU's shonky Windows support.

    The routing and mixing involved with both of these products doesn't quite compare with the MOTU gear unfortunately, so hardcore Windoze DAWs are still in a bad place… But Frontier deserve a mention for being the only worthy competition 😉

  • Thanks for the kind words, Peter. Another Stoopid MIDI Trick I discovered was spinning a knob (which sends out a burst of Note-On events) while playing the fader (Pitch Bend).

    The "advertorial" label concerned me as well when EM offered me the assignment, but it simply means that the manufacturer commissioned the article. I didn't write it any differently than I'd write a normal tips article.

  • Hey, those tricks are generally one of the first things you show students working with Max/MSP, so who says they're "stoopid"? 😉

    The tips are terrific; I'm still looking through them. I just labeled the link here "advertorial" since that's what EM calls it.