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Music hardware giant M-Audio has been one of the big obstacles to Vista compatibility for many users. (We certainly heard from many of you that you didn’t want to upgrade until M-Audio support was ready.) They’re announcing driver support today. Note that “announcing” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re available right this instant, but it does sound like most hardware should be available soon. Here’s how they put it:

M-Audio currently expects to release 32-bit Vista drivers for all of the following models during the second quarter of 2007: all FireWire products; all currently selling USB MIDI keyboards; Fast Track USB, Fast Track Pro, JamLab, MobilePre USB, Black Box and Transit USB interfaces; Conectiv and Xponent DJ interfaces; and the Revolution 5.1 PCI card.

So what’s available right now? So far, Session 1.5 software, the Fast Track USB, and the Micro are “fully qualified.” That sounds like other drivers may be upcoming but waiting on qualification. Your best bet is to keep checking the drivers page. Note that some of M-Audio’s USB devices are class-compliant and therefore don’t need drivers.

Vista support update [M-Audio]

I still strongly recommend exercising caution when you do decide to upgrade to Vista or a machine with Vista. Right now, in fact, I would suggest postponing upgrading any machines that are currently primary work machines, just because if things are working under XP, there are probably better uses of your time, money, and effort. That could change as driver support fills out in the coming months and (presumably) Microsoft ships some kind of SP1 update, which is the kind of update most likely to matter to music users.

Mileage will vary, though, both in positive and negative directions, so do let us know how this stuff works out for you if you try it.

  • Well, that's good and all … but what about 64-bit support? I understand that the 32-bit version is going to have more users … as lots of people are runing Vista on older computers … but c'mon. Why in the hell would you favor 32 over 64? Isn't 64-bit the wave of the future? Hell, Apples "Leopard" is going to be 64-bit … and I'm sure that we'll see support for that.

    Is it me, or is Vista just having all sorts of freaking issues with drivers? It seems that almost every company is having some kind of an issue … even if they have drivers that can run on Vista. Methinks that Microsoft has a ways to go on that OS.

    I don't want to start a Mac vs Windows arguement here, but it just seems that Vista has not had that great of an opening. I've been using Windows since 1995 … and I just knew that Vista was going to be a damn nightmare for me. I really needed to get a new laptop, and didn't want to stick with Windows XP, and didn't want to go with Vista because of the many driver issues. So 2 months ago I said goodbye to Windows, and finally jumped aboard the Mac train. I bought a Macbook Pro C2D, and I'm really freaking impressed with OS X … it's so smooth. It blows away my old PC, that's running Windows XP Pro SP2.

    Anyways, I'm glad that I skipped out on Vista for the moment … because I had originally planned to get the 64-bit version because my processor (AMD 3500+) was 64-bit capable. It seems that the 32-bit version of Vista is getting lots of more love than the 64-bit version … and I have no idea why that is. Is the blame with Microsoft?

    All in all, I'm glad that I made the switch right now … otherwise I wouldn't be making music. I can only hope that musicians who are running Vista (both 32 abd 64 bit) get better drivers soon … I feel bad for them.

  • Well I'm glad I don't own any M-Audio gear, this is shockingly slow support. In fact most of the 'bigger' companies are pretty shoddy in keeping up-to-date with trends and developments.

    Hsve to admit that it wasn't any different when XP rolled out, most Windows users are rightly justified in being wary of upgrading as soon as the next version OS pops around.

    Give it a year and all should be groovy. Anyone care to elaborate on what advantages Vista will have over an XP machine for music production anyway?

  • Claudio

    64-bit support is something that should definitely be looked into now by music software developers considering that the next OS released by Microsoft will drop 32-bit support. Plus, with all the larger RAM support 64-bit operating systems can address it can only mean some interesting possibilities for software developers to take advantage of now as the computing world (or at least those specialized in multimedia) starts to make the transition.

    Personally, I think the race to 64-bits will start in October once Apple releases Leopard. At this point, I believe that Microsoft will do what it can to push third parties to start taking Vista x64 seriously so that once the 64-bit-only OS is released, the support will be there (unlike that of when Vista was released).

  • Yeah … I hope that Microsoft will do something, as I'd really like to get into Vista once they get it working right, and get decent driver support for it.

    I used to use some M-Audio products back in the day … and I don't anymore, for certain reasons … but I am still peeved that they're only focusing on adding drivers for the 32-bit version of Vista. Why not the 64-bit version? Huh M-Audio? Talk about LAME.

  • Actually, now that I think about it … are there any music apps running with 64-bit support on Vista? Maybe that's the reason why they're not adding those drivers at the moment …

  • Is there an issue with Vista support? Yes. Then again, any kind of changes to the guts of an OS can cause issues with development. Even Apple says they put 9 months into the switch to Intel for their pro apps. So, I think the bigger question is, what's the payoff? And that side I really haven't seen yet from Windows. Flame wars are useless, but I think comparing different operating systems is totally valid. OS X has demonstrated some important functionality, reliability, and compatibility with Core Audio. On Vista, I'd say the jury's still out. And since we know Microsoft acknowledged Apple's benchmark there, I would hope they could answer that question soon.

    On the 64-bit side, I haven't heard a whole lot of 64-bit audio concerns from Apple or its developers, because of a sense that the performance gains were fairly moderate. I've even heard that from the Linux side. But I could see that as being an issue in the longer run. In the meantime, I think we have our hands full just making sure we can set up a system that's Intel-native on the Mac side and Vista-ready on the Windows 32-bit side. So I'm perfectly happy to postpone any major concerns about 64-bit for the time being.

  • YJ

    Bah, who gives a **** about vista?? what is the point of running a slow, bloated OS with no driver support when XP can do the same?

    Is CDM on Evilsofts' payroll??

  • oNdoG

    "… are there any music apps running with 64-bit support on Vista?"

    Yes, Cakewalk's Sonar.

  • @YJ: Damn, you've seen right through my plans. Sure, some people are willing to rave about Vista and get free laptops and such. I, on the other hand, post … minor driver updates … criticism of Vista … and get nothing.

    Hmmm, maybe I need to work on my shilling skills.

    Guessing you read something into this post I didn't. 😉

  • Oh, and on the 64-bit thing —

    — there's quite a lot of information missing from this "announcement." It's not clear whether M-Audio is planning to support 64-bit or not, or when. It's not clear when the missing drivers will show up. There's no mention of Pro Tools M-Powered. And there's no discussion of support for WaveRT support on the PCI/PCIe devices. So I should probably try to go back to M-Audio and get some more details.

  • Wow. Is Sonar the first and only 64-bit music app? I've never used it, but it makes me happy to see someone pioneering that area. Well, I'm sure that the folks at Logic are working up something … maybe.

    You crack me up Peter.

  • I regrettably set the hardware side of my production studio around M-Audio products including the Project Mix I/O, Firewire 410, Trigger finger, and even BX5a monitors. I upgraded my PC to vista a few months ago, and can't use any of my music software because of the slow driver support. I doubt I'll ever purchase anything from M-Audio again.

  • ES


    It's frustrating sure, but you are the one that upgraded without checking for driver support.

    It's a hassle to downgrade to XP or create an XP partition, but not impossible.

  • My 2 cents

    If you can stay with XP do it. Vista support is slow because adoption is slow. Most people are not going to Vista (13% adoption rate for new purchases). Microsoft will stop OEM production of XP in August. Vendors (Dell, HP, etc…) will no be able to buy any more XP licenses so by Christmas expect all new computers to have Vista on them. Microsoft couldn't sell Vista on merit, so they'll strong arm the industry instead.

    Yes 64 bit is the way of the future, but it's not just audio where driver support is lacking. Printers and other peripherals have shoddy support for 64 too. Prime time for 64 is so far away it's not even worth talking about. I know the Apple fans will scream Leopard, but if you want to pay that premium for Apple, so be it. Leopard will be lots of $$$ and it will look, feel and perform about the same as Tiger.

    Bottom line is that XP's days are numbered. Vista sucks. Apple is expensive.

    Linux anyone …

  • parkster

    b*ll*cks, b*ll*cks, b*llocks…

    why didn't i check driver compatibity….


    Hurry up M-audio I probably won't be a customer again..

  • Panis

    Same happend here,

    You would have expected M-Audio to be working

    on drivers before windows are released. It's been months now so checking to see if there are drivers isn't the first thing that comes to mind! If only i could run my vsti's in my Gentoo!

  • Silver

    …….. I did the same, just bought a new black box and midi keyboard from M-Audio….. AFTER upgrading to Vista, just a quick note though….. According to M-Audio "M-Audio currently expects to release 32-bit Vista drivers for all of the following models during the second quarter of 2007"….. Thing is, that leaves them 3 days……. I can't see it happening, I'm really not happy at all!

  • Steve-O

    Those XP users act as if an operating system on a new computer is a choice. If it is, it's a very expensive one. Not being ready for Vista is just sad. I love my Mobile Pre-USB, but I probably won't buy another M-Audio product again. I can understand the mistake of not Vista seriously, but putting out the kind of spin this company has (wer'e serious about our drivers, 2nd quarter release, blah blah blah) is just annoying. I'd rather hear the truth.

  • Silver

    Okay, got a bit of an update today on what is apparently quarter 2 of 2007!?!?!?!?!!?!?

    I Wrote :

    I have (within the last week) bought one of your black boxes and have recently updated my computer to have the best chance of recording something with as little freezing or hastle as possible. I am really disappointed that I was not warned of your huge compatibility troubles with Windows Vista, I now find that I have to wait and hope that you will release drivers for the black box. Do you think that it would be prudent, especially with the increasing numbers of PC's being released with Vista, to stick a warning on the box, rather than ploughing on a selling non-compatible boxes to unsuspecting people like myself. Vista was released in January and it was announced even before that, I personally can't see why you did not consider the implications of another Windows platform being released and what that would mean to an award winning company like yourselves. And I am absolutely dumfounded that it would take a global company to take this long in catching up with the rest of the market. Is there any chance that you could let me know when the 32 bit drivers for Windows Vista are available please?

    M-Audio Wrote :

    Hi, I am sorry to say that I currently don't have a date for the release of a Vista driver for the Black Box, though I have been told to expect it to be available in weeks rather than months.

    We have taken a while to release drivers for Vista, this is because we want to release drivers that actually works to the standards our customers have come to expect from M Audio

    and I have been told they will not be released until they are "right" I am sorry if this has caused you inconvenience, but in the long term I am sure you will find our policy beneficial.

    Regards UK PC Support

    Well, it was nice of them to be open and honest for once and the guy that got back to me seems genuine enough……… BUT…….. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE DRIVERS??????????

  • Nathan

    We tried the new Vista Firewire driver for the ProjectMix I/O but got the blue screen of death when completing the driver installation. Does anyone have any experience about this and how to avoid/work around it? It looks like we're going to spend our vacation day tomorrow calling M-audio. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Macelington

    Silver – better response than I got. I asked them if they could give an idea of whether it would be weeks or months before the vista driver for the audiophile 192 would be ready, and got the following response:

    "Rest assured we are developing these drivers however M Audio does not speculate on release dates for drivers."

    That's just about guaranteed that I will not be buying any more M-Audio products in the future. Not only have they failed to get drivers out in a timely manner, but they have completely failed to manage expectations of customers who currently have a useless lump of electronics where previously they had a working sound card…!


    today i buy projectmix i/o for 1350 euro….

    i working with xp64bit….I cant found drivers for xp64bit….are u serius on m audio????

    u shell something for 1350 euros and u dont have drivers for all sytem??? no drivers for xp64bit on projectmix i/o????

    tascam babe i comming again back!

  • Roger

    I first asked M-audio when the Vista drivers would be availble for the Delta 44 card. The first answer was they did not have an ETA for the driver.

    So I then asked if they were going to support the Delta 44 card under Vista. Their answer to that question is as follows:

    "Because we are a publicly traded company, we cannot comment at this time. We will be posting updates on our website as they become available."

    I then responded with this:

    Now there's a lame answer to a straight foward question. Seems the answer is no, you're not going to support the Delta line of cards

    They came back with this response, whch actually floored me!

    "It may be lame but it is the best answer that we can provide you with at this time – and it doesn't mean that we aren't developing Delta drivers for Vista; it means exactly what I said: "..we cannot comment at this time."

    If you need an immediate solution then M-Audio regrettably suggests that you seek other options."

    Seems if they are going to support the Delta 44 card under Vista, they would have stated that fact.

  • Shane

    For those of you who desire to use an unsupported M-Audio device on your Vista machine, here is the scoop. Go to the Microsoft site and download, for free, the Virtual PC application. Follow the instructions to create a virtual PC that runs XP or any other earlier Windows version for which you have an install disk. Install your drivers and you are done. You will have to run your studio in the Virtual PC but I am doing it and it works quite nicely. Good Luck!

  • demingr

    Virtual PC may be ok for PCI card devices but will not work for USB – it doesn't support usb ports at all. I have a MobilePre USB and immediately had the same thought. Tried to get it to work and finally found documentation from Microsoft that they don't do USB on Virtual PC. Still waiting for 64bit driver. 🙁

  • Fabio Scheer Luis

    I use Vista 64-bit and won't change it for nothing else. It runs at least 30% faster than the 32-bit edition of Vista in the same computer. I use Cakewalk Sonar 64-bit and E-MU 0404 as my sound card. I was thinking about getting an M-Audio keyboard, but since that won't be any 64-bit drivers for it, I dropped that company. Unfortunately, they seem to look to the past, instead of looking at the new trends. 64 is here, now. It's the near future, and will be the only option in a few years, and then probably will come 128, 256, who knows? I always used vanguard equipment (software, hardware and gadgets), and there are companies that understand that and there are others that don't. Probably for M-Audio, they thought it would be too expensive to pay 64-bit courses for their programmers, who knows? That's my 2 cents.

  • Ed

    The Vista drivers for the 49e keyboard do not work. Don't waste your time.

  • john

    Trigger finger works completely intermittently on a clean vista install. after a 2 hour phone conversation, tech support told me there was nothing they could do and hung up on me, even after verifying the TF worked on my xp machine. There must be some way to get my money back for this thing. I'm very glad i didn't buy a projectmix. someone should take them to the US shenenigans court. I'm glad i don't own their stock, it's gonna be worthless in a few months when they lie about working drivers enough and EVERYONE is forced into OEM vista.

  • Ken

    I just bought the M-Audio Firewire 410 not even thinking about compatability issues. Now I just wasted $300 on a worthless hunk of metal because it won't work with Vista 64-bit. Any updates lately?

  • Dan

    No sign of 64bit support, and I doubt there will be any this side of 2008. Having been a loyal M-Audio supporter since 2000 I am dissaponted to see this lack of support for this version of Vista. Yes, 64bit is still a relativley new technology and getting drivers up and running means essentially a complete rewite. However, with 64bit processors becomming the norm it is only a matter of time until 64bit users will be the mjority not that minority. With many other companies providing at least beta 64bit drivers can't a company with the clout that M-Audio have pull their fingers out and deliver? Somehow I think that I'm not going to be holding my breath on this one…. thank god for dual boot is all I can say!

  • G

    Thanks to M-audio and their support my Delta has to go to ebay cause no as I see there are no plans for Vista support even for 32 bit , and I have to wait for 64 bit drivers.

    Ok maybe its an old audio card , but then stop selling them.

    No way I will buy another M-audio product.

  • Shawn

    Agreed with G, I will never be stupid enough to buy another m-audio.

  • Francois

    Well i am here because i was planning to buy m-audio , but i'll wait…because no drivers vista64!I am using actually an Audigy 2ZS , and the drivers vista64 downloaded works well.My only critic will go to the mixing console , almost inexistant.Regarding the software i use Podium witch is great in its version 1.95 and much more convivial than Sonar or Cubase and less than $100!Wait and see…

  • Wils

    Installed the beta Vista driver and noticed that the PC would crash to the ground and need a hard reset each time it power up from the standby mode. All other Vistan drivers have been rather well installed, except for the M-Audio.

    Someone has the same experience or it is just me?

    Since the driver is still beta release, I'm curious when will the final version be available, any dates out there? Which bugs will be fixed for the updated release?

  • Wils

    Anyone has also noticed that M-Audio Transit Vista driver does not support the SPDIF passthrough?

  • Sven

    Im sick to death of Maudio…I should have learnt my lesson when XP was launched they crapped out on updating drivers then for nearly a year…now its the same for VISTA almost a year has gone by and the VISTA driver for my trigger finger works only when the moon and the sun are aligned with jupiter, and my girlfriend is giving out (and thats rare enough)

    My Trigger Finger is going on ebay and I WILL NEVER BUY another one of their products.

  • Paul

    This is just awfull support,

    the only peice of hardware and software I use that dont work on vista is yours…what does that say???

    Heck Vista has only been out in various beta, rc forms for ages before the official release what were you doing all that time??

  • Wils

    Yes, probably another company will buy them over, till then expect horrible support and useless drivers, throw them out or into trash can if you can't bare with those h/w that wouldn't work.

  • Blim

    I was surprised by this statement, here://If you choose to install Leopard on your system before your M-Audio product has been qualified for use with the new OS, please be aware that your M-Audio device may not function properly.//…

    Well, yes, but it shouldn't surprise M-Audio that people will want to get updated OS's. Leopard wasn't a very secret release, and some people will be buying new machines with Leopard pre-installed, and might quite like to use their existing kit.

  • kansukee

    I have some good news for those of you who like me,want to use a MobilePre USB with XP x64.

    I do a lot of experimenting with different OSs(Linux,OS X,Opensolaris) alongside and I usually dual or triple boot different versions of these systems. Well I just noticed that no matter what I did,XP x64 will not install the M-Audio drivers for this card_nothing new here,I know. Then last night,I dual booted with Xubuntu which required me to install madfudloader and to my great surprised as soon as I booted back into XP,the M-Audio card was instantly recognized and installed automatically!Same thing happens with Leopard,by the way;there are no official drivers but this is a workaround.

    I backed up the drivers that I found in device manager since I believe that maybe they will work as well for someone with a standalone XP(or maybe even Vista x64?) install so they would not have to perform a dual boot Ubuntu install just to get this driver working. I haven't tested it on a standalone install but I see no reason why it should not work. I am going to post this file with instructions on the Pirate Bay later today…

  • DA

    Why the hell did they take this off this site???Is M-Audio so afraid of being shown off as the imcompetent morons that they are that they have to have erased a post that could help many others like me???

    Here I go again:

    I have some good news for those of you who like me,want to use a MobilePre USB with XP x64.

    I do a lot of experimenting with different OSs(Linux,OS X,Opensolaris) alongside and I usually dual or triple boot different versions of these systems. Well I just noticed that no matter what I did,XP x64 will not install the M-Audio drivers for this card_nothing new here,I know. Then last night,I dual booted with Xubuntu which required me to install madfudloader and to my great surprised as soon as I booted back into XP,the M-Audio card was instantly recognized and installed automatically!Same thing happens with Leopard,by the way;there are no official drivers but this is a workaround.

    I backed up the drivers that I found in device manager since I believe that maybe they will work as well for someone with a standalone XP(or maybe even Vista x64?) install so they would not have to perform a dual boot Ubuntu install just to get this driver working. I haven't tested it on a standalone install but I see no reason why it should not work.

  • Blim


  • Blim
  • PossPosah

    Sad. I wait 64but support for my Projectmix I/O more than one year. Still no beta drivers. I want to use all potentional of my 64bit Sonar.

  • Wils

    Still beta version for Vista.

    What it appeared on Vista seems like a line out instead of optical out such as the Realtek optical out.

    Wonder if there are some differences between the two?

  • fixxxer

    Do anyone know is there support for XP x64 in M-AUDIO FireWire 410 drivers? I want to buy this card but don't know if I could use it. I download drivers from official site and unpack them, there was amd64 section in infs but no files like "xxx64.dll" that linked from infs. What this means?

  • silas


    i also noticed the spdif issue in vista32.

    wonder when the real driver will be released…

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  • JOHN


    Just bought the Project Mix and Pro tools 7.4 for my newly aquired Quad core pc.

    I've been using Cubase for years but decided to give Pro Tools a try.

    Six blue screen system crashes and an intermitently operating Project Mix later I feel like throwing the lot through the window.

    I wish I had viewed the posts here before buying, I would have stayed well clear.

    Shame on you M Audio.

    You dont deserve the custom !!

  • Discofunk

    I am so sick of this. It's been forever. Release the specs to the open community so we can make our own damn drivers!

  • guyFace

    I have no problem with Vista and Microsoft. I've had no problem with it as an operating system.

    What I do have a problem with is third party companies being slow to pick up the ball in producing drivers. I mean sure when Vista first came out, oooh something new to work with. It has though been out for quite some time now and third party companies are still dropping the ball.

  • girlygirly

    I'm using a dual boot Leopard OSX and vista64, waiting also a long time till the beta vista64 drivers will be final and downloadable for everyone. I mailed M-audio for ETA,

    if they don't respond with a date. I'm selling My M-Audio stuff and go to Echo Audio.

    I now use on board on vista64 or an X-FI Platinum card. But the Audiophile firewire sounds lot's better.. Arrrgghh.

  • RR

    What's the latest etc on 64 bit drivers for the delta series? I am a fan of M audio, but not having drivers for my Vista 64 music production room is really causing problems.


    – R

  • Leif

    I'm wondering the same thing about Vista 64.. My brand new Audiophile 192 has been bought for no good reason it seems.

  • Cool. One whole year later and M-AUDIO have yet to release a working driver for the M-audio Mobilepre USB. I guess they lost a lot of money on their overpriced AVID editing gear, so why try? Might have to re-consider buying from them.

  • LL

    [quote] I’ve been using Windows since 1995 [quote]

    Well then it must certainly be the time to end the frustrations and go mac!

  • zNinJa

    I've been an m-audio customer way way back since they were just midiman…and I'm not jumping off the Windows train, but off the m-audio train. What a crock of sh**! Their lack of real concrete effort to supply drivers for this next wave of Windows operating systems is just appalling. Shame on you m-audio. You just lost another customer.

  • obvious

    Why do you delete a lot of negative comments about m-audio's lack of ability to get vista x64 drivers?

  • brandito

    You have to view a few ads (click "No thanks" for each one) to get to the driver, but it's worth it. Seriously, here it is:…

  • Wils

    Any news?

  • rolaz

    So let me get this right, since early 2007 M-audio have been aware of and trying to sort out these bugs when running vista and they STILL haven't sorted it. Now there on to windows 7. There's a serious lack of information and truth here, over 2 years and still major problems with M-Audio compatibility with Vista. The latest drivers from M-Audio wont even install on my PC.