VISP preview

Mike Creighton has published a preview and overview of his VJ performance application VISP, visual performer. What is interesting about VISP is that it leverages Adobes Apollo framework to allow cross platform applications built in Flash. I wont pretend to have enough Flash-fu to explain it in detail, but fortunately Mike does. Jump over to Today Create to read his thoughts on Apollo, VJ application development and VISP features. Unfortunately VISP is not released to the public just yet, but it looks to be an interesting addition to the ecosystem with a clean and simple interface, cross platform compatibility thanks to Apollo, and 3rd party module development. As a Max/MSP and Jitter .. ahem.. afficiando, I am curious how frameworks like Apollo will stand up to Max and PD for realtime performance.

  • Nice article Vade!
    The project looks very interesting but after reading the article realized there is no way this app will be able to stack up against Max/msp/Jitter or Modul8 when it comes to realtime performance.
    However, I do like how he has designed it be a completely non-linear creation process.

  • I'm curious about how it might compare to Onyx … or even whether Onyx might ultimately benefit from Apollofication.

  • Vade, thanks for the write-up about visp. I really want to hurry and get this into peoples' hands so that they can see if it fits any specific niche in the VJ world.

    @VJ Anomolee: You're absolutely right. But I'm hoping there's still a place for it somewhere — amongst all those Flash-savvy web folks that want to get into some sort of performance-based programmatic visual environment. I'm personally in need of more speed and higher resolutions, so I'll be turning to the faster technologies as I move forward.

    @Peter: I would say right off the bat that you'll wind up with a fairly short list of commonalities if you try to compare the two. I'll drop you a line this weekend once I've updated with a more concise list of features, posted the source code, etc, so that you can see where the overlap exists. And I would definitely say that Onyx will benefit greatly from Apollofication: true native windows (for putting that output display into a second monitor), direct access to the file system, and tons more. I'm going to start a dialog with Daniel about his plans for integrating Apollo and about my learnings from having made visp. And we're both in SF so it makes things easier. And he's at Adobe, so he's got nothing but great resources at his disposal.