I’m working on a story now on VJing, and am faced with an issue I’ve had before — which VJs should I mention? There are regularly “top VJ” contests and lists, none of which seem to make complete sense. I’m curious to hear from readers of this site: who are the VJs/visualists, now and through history, to whom you’d refer newcomers to the field? (I have a few ideas of my own, but I’d love to know who your favorites are.)

I’ll definitely work in Nam Jun Paik somehow. But great club VJs count, as well. I’m personally delighted by any medium that can have that kind of range. Thoughts?

  • Jim Hollands

    For me? from London certainly pioneers were Peter Rigby and The Jolly Roger Video Company and Stuart Marshall in Heaven, and George Barber in the Fridge. Special mention should go to the NeTWork 21 people as well http://www.ntw21.co.uk/

  • Emergency.

  • jim

    My favorite visualist today is definitely Ryoichi Kurokawa (www.ryiochikurokawa.com).

  • jim

    Sorry, I mispelled the URL, the correct one is: http://www.ryoichikurokawa.com

  • area3!

  • grigori

    I would like to say me(vdmo Kstati).. hehe. Synthetic Dimensions up in Cairns is brilliant, absolutely love his flow.

    If John Maeda would VJ, he'd be up there for me, I think a lot of his work has generated quite a movement towards the progress of the art especially from code point of view.

  • Tom Ball

    Here in Amsterdam, there is AlexEtJeremy.
    They do rock ! if you never saw them, you have to. I discorved them in Den Hagg during the Onedotzero festival. Narrative videos, fantastic color and so … hum… special. http://www.alexetjeremy.com

  • Here are my personal favorites but also checkout the annual VJ Top 20.

    Captain video
    Mischa Klein

    (hot right now)

    The Light Surgents

    (hot right now)
    VJ Anyone

    (hot right now)

  • Gilbert Bernstein

    I second UVA. If you ever get to see their live show, it's amazing.

    I enjoy Robert's work over at Flight 404 ( http://www.flight404.com/blog/ ) but that's probably not the sort of thing you're looking for.

    Something else you're probably not looking for, but really interesting none the less is Kenneth Huff's work: http://www.itgoesboing.com/Works/WorkGroupThumbna

    Along the more VJ line of things… =) D-Fuse is probably worth mentioning. They've gotten a good amount of attention and wrote what I think is one of only two books on VJing currently available.

  • Thanks for these, guys; these are helpful — lots of folks I know, but very instructive to see who tops your list. Keep 'em coming.

    Maybe we'll have to do our own top 20 — I'll bet it'd be skewed quite different from the clubland one.

  • LightRhythym Visuals/Ben Sheppee consistently have some of the best content going and have set the standard for visualist DVDs…of course I'm heavily biased towards the tek-nasty style… http://www.lightrhythmvisuals.com/

    And who could forget AnalogRecycling, leveling the playing field with delicious free content and tutorials. http://www.analogrecycling.com/

    EBN are the G-daddys, don't forget OVT outta CHi-town.

  • http://zuer.tv
    e will be up pretty soon i believe

    also is doing a live undergroud auditory/visual/light party

    there is a teaser up right now, full site up in about a week i believe

    puts together live events, incorporating lights/video/sound/lasers, redesigning the atmosphere to make you feel like your really in 3012

    its like having a bad acidic nightmare, but in a goodway

  • As I live so far away from where things happen, probably nobody shoud know my work. So I guess this is a chance to present myself. I'm from Brazil and got an a/v project called . You can also view my vj works on . I produce and mix all the images on the videos.

  • cim

    Watch out for Contentismissing from Berlin!

  • deb

    i've gone on record elsewhere in saying that anyone on the raster noton label is da bomb!

  • Doug

    I haven't seen many VJ's outside of Colorado, but of the ones I have seen, VJ Pixylight certainly has been a staple of the visual scene here.

  • naganusss

    Pixylight is definately one of the most innovative VJ's I have seen! I caught him at a couple of events he did in London at seone, and the hex thing was wikid!