I must make a correction and clarification in regards to OSCulator, the Mac utility for connecting to Nintendo’s Wii remote, which I mentioned in today’s Deckadance story. Despite the name, it supports the broadly-available MIDI as well as (for programs like Max/MSP, Pd, Flash, Director, Traktor, Reaktor, Processing, and others) OpenSoundControl. Simon Balarbe writes us:

It does not just support Osc but It outputs Midi and keystrokes also … Recently I used it with Ableton Live in a live Electro Acoustic Performance at University. I find it more stable than WiitoMidi and it had MIDI output and use of the accelerometer before WiitoMidi.

Fair enough! So there you have it: grab a Mac with Bluetooth support, a Wii remote, and OSCulator, and you ought to be able to communicate with any software you like — even if you can’t do MIDI, you can do keystrokes.

Most of my time I’ve been using the aka.wiiremote external for Max/MSP, just because that’s convenient if you’re a Max user. But for all other Mac users, OSCulator indeed looks like the most versatile choice.

OSCulator Wiki/Project Page [Mac software]

  • Simon

    "I find it more stable than WiitoMidi and it have the midi output and use of the accelerometer before WiitoMidi" LOL how wrong that sentance is on my behalf ^_^ It would be better read as I find it more stable than WiitoMidi and it had midi ouput in combination with the accelerometer data before WiitoMidi ^_^

  • I use OSCulator with Kyma – it is awsom – the power of control aailaible using OSCulator is great – it maps all parameters from the WiiMote and Numchuck, which means you have 2*3D accelerometers in your hands for music making for about $100 – extroidanary – my soldering iron and Arduino board are feeling neglected 🙂

  • Tim Thompson

    I've found OSCulator very stable and easy to use with Wiimote on G4 Powerbook, and the fact that it outputs keystrokes to your choice of application is really nice–some games can take advantage of this.

    I've opened one OSCulator window to get Wiimote data and send MIDI CC data to Max, then do what I need with the data in Max and send the new data to another OSCulator window via OSC (or the udpsend object) to output keystrokes to a third application. I don't know any other way to get keystrokes out from Max at this time…


  • Right; I don't think it is possible to send keystrokes from Max. (only in, but not out)

  • baileyddoo

    Actually you can send keystorkes out with the new released Apple TV's wireless feature 😀

    Video Converter

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  • Osculator is working really well with OSCemote and triggering Battery and Rapture and Reason 4.0 simultaneously. There are a few improvements i'd like to see… Having the ability to restrict the parameter range adjustments of the acceleration/xyz field would be great. As of now a slight tilt to the iPhone sends the values to their maximum and minimum instead of a smooth and deep control over the range of the tilt.