Finding a PR spin is often a challenge for artists, particularly when people delve into experimental electronica. Here’s how Future Sound of London, erm, “sugar coats” their work, circa the early 90s:

Choice quotes:

On sampling: It’s a way of lying. “I’m wasn’t the girl screaming in the park. That wasn’t me … She did it. I took it.”
On copyright infringement: “I can’t help it. I’m receiving it.”
On musical evolution: “We’ve become everything I hated, which is a musician.”
On the art: “We’re some weird illness.”

And then he says the music will make you impotent. (There’s a good pitch.)

Strange; why do you never hear Bluegrass musicians talking like this?

  • BassTooth

    "Strange; why do you never hear Bluegrass musicians talking like this?"

    Answer: The acid that Bluegrass musicians get just isn't very good.

  • Yeah, I think their acid is called marijuana. (Or tobacco. Or bourbon.)

  • velocipede

    They may have forgotten their tin foil hats, other they may be "taking the piss." Luckily, they kept making music. The Isness (also released as Amorphous Androgenous) from 2002 is a great album

  • "why do you never hear Bluegrass musicians talking like this?"

    Perhaps it's because Bluegrass musicians aren't trying to impress cool NYC bloggers. (^_^)



  • I am a native of the Bluegrass state, don't forget — I'm very happy with music that you just play/listen to, minus outlandish statements about ruining your listeners' sex lives. 😉

  • What album is the background music from?

  • ed

    There's a line between people laughing with them and laughing at them.

    Whatever happened to their taking over TV from the periphery? Does it begin with clips like this on youtube?

  • bluegrass players are too busy practicing their instruments. You have to have lots of time in front of a machine to get that kind of meta (annoying) about your art.

    Why are we surprised, look at their name!

  • This reminds me of the movie "Lawnmower Man". Maybe more of all the late nineties hype about "cyberspace", remember cyberspace?

    I quite like some of their music. I'd really like to see these guys and Coldcut doing their thing but with a newer cutting edge presentation, it all seems so dated, even at the time.

    Bless 'em. Lots of good little soundbytes and probably why they were in so many documentaries about "rave" music, remember rave music … in cyberspace?

  • even mtv jumped on the wagon with Amp

    then it all died

  • I laugh because I love.

    Seriously, though, I think it's kind of amazing how dated this video is, visually and philosophically, given it's just over a decade old. I think attitudes have changed substantially about technology, about electronic music — certainly about television, as I don't know with the rise of Internet video that taking over broadcast TV really concerns anyone any more. (And even recent politics, while still dominated by TV, have felt the influence of the new medium.)

    Some of those changes are for the better.

    Which doesn't make this video any less entertaining.

  • background music seems to be mixed up from Lifeforms and ISDN, it's a custom mix and most album pieces are barely recognisable. go with ISDN if you're wondering.

  • oops

  • Man that was funny. They take attitude to a new level of stupidity.

  • Yemski

    Maybe because Bluegrass musicians are'nt into pretentious artwank manifesto making. Instead, they concentrate on being good musicians. A fine ambition to my mind.Good art never dates so much in such a short space of time.Lack of substance possibly?

    Personally I like FSOL, but this made me cringe so much I'm still tryimg to unwrinkle my skin.It looks like the pilot for Nathan Barley,before they decided on a less irritating lead.This has made me seriously question what I saw in them.Thankyou

  • Hey, sometimes great artists give … strange interviews. I think the scrutiny of giving regular interviews can make some people a little loco in the head.

  • U2

    Look at Bono, if you let that guy go on for a bit its the same thing entirely.

    U2 – 90s pre – "were a real band"

    Remember, they totally bought into every single point this fellow is making entirely. Entirely and exactly … in spirit (oh thats kind of weak I know).

    Even better than the real thing, zoo tv, …


    At the end of the day they had some interesting music and a computer animation of this fountain guy who has this like asteroid with tendrils come out of its head. That's really saying something!

  • sosofresh

    i dont think its that bad any issue of mondo 2k, 2600 or wired around 92-94 is something like this. i kind of wish there was a book like <a>Please Kill Me for that era.

  • maximillian

    These guys have always been hideously egotistical and pompous.

    Having said that, the music in the clip still sounds great to me (video is dated but the music is the important thing for me).

    And I'm sorry but I thought 'The Isness' really sucked 🙁

  • This reminds me a lot of their mid-90s Invisible Jukebox session for _Wire_. I'd always respected Cockbain for being so doggedly condescending, especially to consumers who demand humility from their artists. FSOL had the chops in the 90s to back up the hubris, IMO.

  • xpez2000

    I love that album FSOL / ISDN its one of the greatest electronica albums of all time!!!!

  • Damon

    I think this is what happens when you start out wanting to make music, but end up envying Steven Hawking.

    Same thing happened with prog rock. Suddenly being a musician was somehow short of doing something considered important by the rest of the intellectual world.

    Drugs probably don't help either, as evidenced by what is clearly a bio chemical depression floating up through the comments. Though, this is only a theory.

    Rock stars want to be comedians. Comedians want to be rock stars.

    And eccentric artists accused of being genius' eventually want to be nobel prize winning physicists.

  • xpez2000

    THe problem with having negative realizations about your own creativity, the world they exist in, and your tools is that those kinds of thoughts can potentially lead you to a state of creative paralysis…

  • spdyquik

    Ya whatever. Who cares.

  • FriendlyCard

    Wild interview. Very interesting and abstract talk. Nice.

  • FriendlyCard

    Wild interview. Very interesting and abstract talk. Nice.