After weeks of suspense, it’s my pleasure to announce the winners of the CDM Giveaway. I’ve contacted the prize winners, so if your name is on the list, you should have an email from me.

PreSonus FaderPort: Vincent Hill, Seattle, WA
Numark Total Control: Nicolas Paciorek, Watertown, NY
Native Instruments Elektrik Piano: Valerie Mabre, Marion, OH
Native Instruments Absynth 4: John Belt, Canton, OH
Moog Music Moogerfooger FreqBox: John J. Koziol, Boston, MA
Glyph GT 050Q 250GB Hard Drive: Ken Hartz, Strongsville, OH
Alesis ControlPad: Joel A. St. Julien, San Francisco, CA
Ableton Live 6: Chris Budge, Newbury Park, CA
Akai MPC500: William Max Thomason, Denver, CO

Each winner will also get AudioMIDI’s Synth Legends DVD.

For details on these items, see the complete list of giveaway items.

These are the names on the forms, incidentally; I take no credit for typos. We’re confirming with these winners; if any is unconfirmed, we will re-award the prizes.

We got an extraordinary number of entrants: nearly 3,000 qualified entries, and 4,000 entries from around the world. And, the banner prizes aside, we got an amazing selection of websites from readers in the US and around the world. We’ll be sending Ableton beanies around the globe to some of our favorite selections. The variety and quality of websites is truly overwhelming, so I expect to be digging through these over the coming weeks, highlighting some favorites as we go. I really am going through them all; that’s what’s taking so long!

We also got a real look at who you are and what interests you, including some of our sizable international readership; I hope to share some of that with everyone soon.

Thanks to our sponsors: I really want to thank, in reverse alphabetical order, PreSonus, Moog Music, Ableton, Native Instruments, Glyph, Alesis, Numark,, and Akai Professional for making this giveaway possible and for their support of the site. We reached out to sponsors who matter a lot to us, and it’s terrific to have their support of the site.

  • Congrats to the winners!

    It's a shame that we don't have 3,000 people involved on the site … well, maybe that's too much to ask, but you get what I'm saying.

    I wonder how many of those who entered, read CDM on a daily basis?

  • Gil

    congrats to the winners!

    so what kind of bribery would most easily facilitate having an ableton beanie show up in my mailbox?

  • @dead_red_eyes: not sure about these specific winners, but I will say a whole lot of names looked familiar in the entries, and we do have about 5200 active RSS readers of the site, with well over 10,000 identifiable, unique visitors per day. So, I expect a lot of people read and just don't comment / post in the forums. That said, I do want to do things for those who are involved; this giveaway is just one step (and I certainly hear what you're saying).

  • bliss

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I wanted to win Ableton Live 6… 🙁

    Oh well, congrats to everybody who won! I hope you put your winnings to good use. 🙂

  • Tofuik

    I didn't win the MPC 500, but a beanie would be nice 🙂

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  • robbneu

    Congratulations to everyone who had their name pulled! Very exciting! I hope you all enjoy the new gear as much as we all are lusting after it!

  • tobamai

    Hey, I think you spelled my name wrong. You spelled it "William Max Thomason" and its "Matt Wallack". Also, I don't live in Colorado. 😉

    Congratulations guys, have fun with your new toys 🙂

  • Another congrats to the winners and the sheer volume of people who swung by is impressive. Also of course, well done to the sponsors to be involved and supply such awesome gear!

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