Does your brain filter out all elements of the world around you not directly related to electronic music? Do conversations from significant others, business associates, and the like tend to dissolve into “blah, blah, blah …” while you dream of synths and programmed beats? Do you wish your search engine would stop returning lots of irrelevant stuff and accept your major obsession and first love?

Morgan Sutherland has been playing with Google Co-op, a search engine construction technology, and came up with this:

Electronic Music Search

It searches over a hundred sites related to music technology, from music sites to sites like CDM. And, okay, I’m exaggerating: the engine works well for other stuff, too. Because it’s a cooperative engine, you can even contribute to make it better. Give it a spin and let us know what you think, and pass along any custom search engines you’ve got yourself.

  • Hey, thanks for posting this!

    You might want to put another / under the search script. The "+ Google" button is overlapping with the "Electronic Music Search" link below it a little bit in Firefox.

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    Correct to: "…to put another / under the search…"

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    Correct to: "…to put another "p"/"br" under the search…" (" = > or

  • Yeah, I think it just isn't playing nice with our CSS — likely our fault; have to fix our CSS.

  • I have this search engine that I put together for my searches that you may want to try. I know nothing about html etc. But it seems to work well for me. Pardon the uncompleted blog. I designed it to be more music research, experimental music, acoustics etc.

    Regards, Robert

  • Sorry, the site link didn't come through. It's:
    for the search engine.


  • Robert, we should merge our search engines.

  • Robert

    Is that easily possible? I'd be willing to try.

  • salut ca va

  • NOTE: no longer exists. You can find my post at

    Also, takes you to the search-engine.

  • Morgan Sutherland

    The post is gone and I let expire as nobody was using the service.