Happy Father's DayFathers have played a big part in a lot of our lives — well, at the very least, they’re an irreplaceable 50% of the fact that you exist at all. My Dad inspired a love of music, letting me experience the musical power of a college basketball pep band (still the greatest orchestration ever), playing rock and roll riffs on a sax, helping support my often-irrational love of musical technological projects, and still voicing support for whatever crazy endeavor I’ve come up with most recently. He bought me my first computer, my first studio (hello, Casio!), and my first computer music studio (hello, Roland and Cakewalk!).

Finding a way to put this into musical form is not always easy. So what better way than a chorus of beeping, blipping, glitching 8-bit chiptune instruments, singing in sweet harmony. Yes, following up last month’s Mother’s Day edition, here’s an MP3 EP release for Dear Old Dad. (Dear Old Dad probably knows what “EP” stands for and where it came from, as opposed to us crazy kids today with our Zunes and our Last.fm groups.)

2A03 DAD EP [Free music downloads]

Send it to your father and let us know what he thinks. And if you’ve got some other music you’d like to dedicate to your Dad or Dads everywhere, say so in comments.

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  • jorge

    what do people use to make 8 bit music cause it sounds freaking awesome?

  • @jorge: Lots of choices, from Commodore 64 synth chips to Nintendo Game Boys. But I'd be interested to hear what these folks are using on these particular tracks.

  • you can talk to the artists in this here thread:


    Given the forum, it is most likely lsdj and various nes trackers.

    famitracker is a good start!

  • jorge

    what do they use on a gameboy to make original tracks? is there a game or do they have to take it apart and circuit bend it?

  • lsdj

    or nanoloop

    Are the popular choices

  • dotdUmmy

    I used the lsdj program for the Game Boy to make my particular track. I prefer the Game Boy vs. NES/Atari/etc. mostly due to its portability… most of the track was written while driving to work, sitting on the couch (not watching whatever reality TV my wife had on), on my toilet and on the toilet at work.