Who says only hardware gets music people hot and bothered? Tom at Music thing reports that one reader has gotten a Reason tattoo. Will we find out the whole thing is a fake, part of some crazy marketing stunt? Or are people really that cuckoo for Reason? (Synth studios seem to generate more passionate feelings than DAWs, at the very least, perhaps because they feel more like instruments and less like studio tools. We’ve already got a pretty decent split on CDM between Reason lovers and those who have moved on.)

Updated: It’s real. Read the full story on Flickr. Now the question is, who can top this?

In other news: Thor is a pretty great name for a synth. But I’m personally a bit interested in Thor’s daughter, Thrud. (Really.) Betcha can guess what my next Max/MSP synth patch will be called…


  • Well, I know one thing, there are a lot of people with Thor (Tor) related tattoos in Sweden.

  • dead_red_eyes

    Wow … so he got the Propellerhead logo tattooed on him?! Crazy! I'd never do such a thing, no matter how big of a fanboy I'd be.

  • Dish

    Hey, you know its better than the guy that got a Microsoft Zune tattoo on his arm. Thats right, a *Zune* tattoo.


  • I actually know the cat. It's real. Just saw it yesterday here in Pittsburgh.

  • dead_red_eyes

    I agree … a Reason tattoo is MUCH better than getting a Zune tattoo. What in the hell was that guy thinking?!

  • thesimplicity

    I'm so getting a top down view of a Boss Dr Beat DB-12 tattooed across my entire back. With flames coming out of it. And a snake curled around it.

  • gack

    That's disturbing.

    It's like a bad sci-fi story.

    You are now a corporate brand.


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  • Turtle5k

    i also have a reason tattoo near my ditch area slightly higher up my arm from yours

  • Turtle5k

    i also have a reason tattoo near my ditch area slightly higher up my arm from yours