We are saddened to learn that Juan Antonio Argüelles, “Argu(ru)”, died Sunday night in a car accident. He was respected as one of the most talented plug-in developers anywhere, as the creator of plug-in house discoDSP, and later a developer of plug-ins for Image-Line. He had a deep role in the creation of FL Studio 7, the sampler DirectWave, and Deckadance.

Some of you probably know more of the details of his work for both discoDSP and Image-Line. If you’d like to share anything about him as a person, or his tools, please do. The tools that developers create are a special thing to all of us in our music and in our creative lives; part of the joy of using software someone else creates is getting to know something of their personality. So, from all the users of his tools and the digital music community, you will truly be missed, Arguru.

Both KVR and our friends at the Spanish-language Hispasonic have running threads of condolences.

Rest in Peace, Arguru [KVR Audio Forum thread]

Fallece Juan Antonio Argüelles, “Arguru” [Hispasonic]

Our condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues, and to his fiancee.

  • jp

    the sounds his work create so much more beautiful than the code beneath.


  • F*ck. I'm a fan of his work since the demoscene days. This is a really big loss to the music tech world. Rest in peace, man.

  • Sad to see someone with so much talent meet an untimely death. I used Psycle and FL and alot of his plugs. His work will live in on in the multitudes of artists' work.

  • Adrian Anders

    Too soon. Way too soon. A music software genius who was taken from us before his work became widely known and appreciated in the computer music mainstream. So many other projects that could have been completed or updated. Voyager, Aodix, Stardust, the Nord Lead emulating successor to Discovery which was talked about… etc. He will truely be missed.

  • sasarasa88

    Peter, fallece is not a name, is a word in Spanish meaning to pass away.

  • Sorry; I should know that. I was in a hurry and copying and pasting, pre-coffee. Thanks.

  • RIP, mate!

    you are killllllleeerrrrrrr!!!

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