NI t-shirts

Go Native.

So, a Reaktor tattoo seems a little painful and permanent? Just in time, Native Instruments this week has a line of new t-shirts, and they actually look really great, which is good — branded swag is usually way lame.

Native Wear (not as racy as it sounds) [Native Instruments]

The designer is MIG75, aka Berlin’s Adrian Theiner, confirming my suspicions that Berlin is full of cool people.

Speaking of branded swag, without revealing too much, CDM is working on the issue. After all, you don’t want to show up at a gig wearing a Native Instruments or Ableton shirt — dude, people will know your secret sauce. (Okay, they might know that anyway if I give into temptation and put a recognizable instance of Resonator or Beat Repeat or use a Reaktor granular effect on a track. Or they look at my screen. Or they know me.) But not having the t-shirt could make it easier to say, “That? Oh, that’s something I just programmed. From scratch. Actually, I built that computer. And that keyboard. Out of soy products.”

And yeah, I’d still like a t-shirt. I have to cover up my chest while the tattoo heals.

  • dead_red_eyes

    I'd sport a CDM t-shirt at a show for you Peter!

    These shirts are actually pretty cool.

  • dead_red_eyes

    I also meant to say that I like all of them, except the one on the bottom left (grey and baby blue tees).

  • The "Berlin ELEKTRO" t-shirt reminds me of this:

  • Dioxide

    Ah! Someone else has spotted where one of the designs has been ripped from. Too similar to be coincidence in my opinion…

  • spinner

    Threadless was the first thing I thought.

    Corp ware is always lame apart from those little model 747 you could get from airlines in the 80ths.

  • I thought it was an homage, but hey.

    Airline swag was the BEST, back in the day. I managed to alienate the tots in preschool by wearing airline pins around.

  • Machines

    I think they look great. I was already to order one until I saw that they were $35. Holy crap. I can get 2 Threadless shirts for that much!!

  • NineTailedFox

    Gah, no Paypal.