UPDATED: That’s it, folks; this giveaway is done. We’ll have winners, some overall stats on who our readers are, and some of our favorite websites from around the world soon! For starters:

Here are the winners

If you’ve been waiting to enter the CDM Giveaway, this is your last chance: entries are closed as of midnight tonight (Monday), 9pm on the West Coast of North America, early morning Tuesday in the UK and Europe, and during the day in Asia, the Pacific, and Australia.

Speaking of other parts of the world, we really will be going through some of our favorite websites entered from around the world, giving away DVDs and beanies to our international readers and featuring you on the main site. We’ve gotten so many entries that I’ll be digging through those in the weeks after the competition, but stay tuned. For our US readers in the main giveaway, we’ll count up the results, fire up our random number generator, and announce winners by the end of the week.

You can’t enter more than once, but if you haven’t entered, go do it now:

Enter the CDM Giveaway

  • octatone

    um, when i try to fill it out it says this contest is already closed …

    "This survey has been closed. If you believe you've received this message in error, contact CDM at editor@createdigitalmusic.com"

  • To anyone who has trouble, I'm currently showing the survey/giveaway is open and active, and we're still getting entries. If you have a problem, do contact me — include your name, address, and email, and I'll add you to the entry database. But you should be able to enter above.

  • i hope i win!

  • can you tell us how many entries there were? i'm kind of curious . .

  • Yeah, I hope to share some of the stats we gathered publicly; they're interesting!

  • John

    Hmmm…when are the winners going to be announced?

  • @John: The winners are up. Nearly 3,000 qualified entries. We'll have tons of interesting websites to feature soon, as well, once I can get through them all!