We can’t truly celebrate the anniversary of Star Wars without a nod to the Electric Moog Orchestra’s rendition of the soundtrack, as observed by Matrixsynth. Unfortunately, this only exists on LP, and I imagine George Lucas would hurt us if we somehow got the thing online. That, and apparently — according to Matrixsynth commenters — it’s not that good.

Surely, someone out there has the time and the Moogs (or Buchlas, as I keep saying) to do this up right. Takers?

  • Justin

    it sucks

    glad i found it for a buck at the thrift store

  • Justin

    find the blade runner ost instead

  • dr

    Got it for Christmas on 8-track back in the late 70s from my aunt Linda.

  • Peter Hart

    I got it right after the movie came out. It was great. I also have since found out who the artist is that recorded it. Meco Monardo. Yes, the same one who did Star Wars, Empire, Star Trek and CE3K funky versions. If you get the extended version of his Star Wars you will here parts of this album interposed.

  • I owned the LP in high school. I actually loved it at the time – thought it was better than the orchestrated soundtrack.