Reaktor tattoo

Make no mistake: when it becomes part of the soul of music making, software gets under your skin and into your blood. So while Josh Mobley has his Reason tattoo, Jo writes us to let us know she’s got Reaktor permanently embedded on her wrist.

Lest you think Jo’s some random fan, she’s not: she’s a veteran of Reaktor’s creator, Native Instruments, and Waxploitation, an experienced sound designer/editor/engineer, and founded the software developer – A&R – business development/consulting – community In other words, a Reaktor tattoo really does mean to Jo what a Harley-Davidson logo or “Mom” might mean to someone else. Check out her MySpace page for more. (I actually was already familiar with some of Jo’s terrific sound designs for software; she’s done some great work.)

And as you can see in the photo below, she really does sport the Reaktor love while playing — and she’s also an Ableton user, presumably making another power user of the Live/Reaktor combo. (Hmm — meaning there’s also a candidate for her right wrist?)

Jo’s not alone in wrist-branding land. In case you haven’t been watching the CDM Flickr Pool, happiness is the Monome, Korg kontrolPAD, and Atari:

So, we’ve got Reason and Reaktor. And Atari. (Technically, they’re a music maker — think Atari ST. Or chiptune, for that matter.) Any suggestions on the ultimate Ableton or Max/MSP tattoo, which would seem to follow next? (Let’s see, Max/MSP — loadbang? Or actually a whole patch? Ouch.)

  • Wallace Winfrey

    I think the most appropriate Max tattoo would be of a wirewhisk.

  • @Wallace: Nice. Best idea yet.

    Gentle suggestion to Cycling '74: don't "dogcow" the whisk or Max cartoon in Max 5, please. (Ubergeeks that you are, you should know what I mean.)

  • Lost


  • Defyer

    I'd love to see an Access (Virus) tatoo. I think that would look great 🙂

    reFX Vanguard and Nexus also have some great logos.

  • at least, an atari st was my first contact with computer music. I made this tattoo to convey an inside branding to the outside 🙂

  • lsdj tattoo for the tie

  • Brooks Courtright

    I think that the Live logo is really neat, perfect for a tattoo. The loadbang idea is also a sweet idea. Nerdy, but sweet.

  • wow.. uhm, I hope they're all getting paid for being walking billboards…

    … and I hope none of those companies decide to overhaul their brand at some point. I mean, it'd be pretty gauche to be walking around with a tattoo of this apple instead of this apple

  • Liz, I think you've got it backwards as far as which Apple logo is cooler. 😉

  • Jo is the coolest!

  • Sasa

    Could somebody tattoo Ableton Live for a collection please? :)))

  • Massiveheadpain

    Getting my ableton logo tattoo next month – keep you posted!

  • Face of Daniel

    i have a windows tattoo on my forehead !

  • Ah, but *which* Windows tattoo would be most appropriate? The new Vista orb? The XP style? The Windows95 logo? The old-fashioned four-paned window from 3.1 and earlier? 😉

    Anyway, that's nothing compared to OS/2 on your rump.

  • Gadget Freak Question: In the lowest photo with the Atari tattoo – what is that controller in top of the photo??

  • Randall

    Atari is cooler than NI. And Apple… naaa.. while it's at the heart of all music making.. prolly the most important instrument in the studio, the vintage nod to Atari kicks butt.

  • @Gordon: It's the KORG padKONTROL.

  • I just had to come back to this thread when I read this.

    A tattoo of a TB-303

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  • Joel

    Harvey-Davidson logo?

    Who's Harvey Davidson? That would be a "whoops" tattoo.

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