Look out: it’s the return of the cartridge!

We’ve seen loads of chiptune and Nintendo-based music before, but Alex Mauer has gone so far as to release an entire album on NES cartridge (and emulator, if you must). Some of you wondered what the preferred setup was for the chiptune virtuoso; for Alex, it’s evidently everything, from Yamaha sound modules to SoundBlasters, Sega, TurboGrafix, and, yes, Nintendo.

Alex Mauer Artist Page (Via Music thing.)

Ah, imagine the hours we’ll spend, thumbing through shelves of cartridges for an obscure Finnish death-punk artist who plays only Atari 2600s. I can see it now:

But it’s not just albums popping up on carts. If you’d rather have a more active experience, look to Pixelh8 for Game Boy. Whereas many previous Game Boy cartridges have focused on tracker/sequencer functions for arranging tunes, this new software emphasizes hands-on playability — mash the buttons, play a tune. If you’re savvy enough to make your own cart, or want to play in an emulator (bah), you can get the ROM file itself for £15; a ready-made cartridge is shipping soon worldwide for £20 + £5 p&p.

Pixelh8 Project Page, via Matrixsynth and GameMusic4All

Here’s the intro:

And the creator has been furiously adding new features:

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat some delicious fireworks or watch some barbecue exploding like a real American.

  • dan s.

    While I understand the attraction of making chip music (nostalghia etc) it's never very entertaining to listen to. The sounds are really full of character but listening to an entire track made of them only is only annoying. I prefer using them as leads or special fx because they really cut through any mix, no matter how dense.

  • pixelh8 is an awesome chap, had the pleasure of playing a gig with him. geek-chic to the max, some of the stuff he has done with oldschool computers etc is brilliant. definately very entertaining chiptune stuff!

  • dead_red_eyes

    Hell yes!!! I still have my Gameboy Advance, and I'd buy this off of him … I'm a fan of wacky stuff like this. I never have created any chiptune songs myself, but I do like to use the ocassional bleep.

  • Dan — well, it's not for everyone. Some people can't stand the sound of banjos. I think it's just interesting that people have started to hear them not as a lo-fi version of something else, but as a timbre on their own. And, to speak to the issues you raise, I expect some will mix these sounds with others.

  • http://f28.aaa.livedoor.jp/~stepgirl/

    Sound design is more limited (yea i know) but you have more keys built in

  • Glass

    That's really cool, pixelh8 should add a step sequencer to the synth, so we could jam with just one game boy! =]

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  • I am always working on updates for it, if you buy the rom file, you get all of the updates emailed to ya free, when they become available 🙂 and the cartridges will be available soon 🙂 Thank you everyone for listening and thank you Create Digital Music for taking the time to write this blog entry.


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  • pope trap

    you guys should all listen to a track caled "pwntendo" by an artist called venetian snares… i promise it'll be worth your while.

  • pope trap

    search for it on youtbe or something. its in there.

  • I finally get a fuckin job and I will finally get my hands on Vegavox(I just hope that it's not out of stock right now !!!) and Colorcaves(with my friend PHLOGISTON 😀 )…I dont care if you say that these release is a pure bomb or if you think its sucks…we can say its a revolution even if you dont agree with what I just say… I WILL BUY THEM THATS FOR SURE !!!

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