Using old controllers in new ways, using new controllers in old ways … when playing live, having some controller gear is a must. Gustavo Bravetti sends video of himself playing Ableton Live using various novel controllers, live from Colombia. (That’s Colombia, not Columbia.)

Yes, you can wow crowds playing with laptops — especially when you perform synth lines with drumsticks. (Pity some of us are worse drummers than keyboardists; this solution would definitely not work for me!)

As it happens, Gustavo’s email hits the night of a MIDI controller “brain dump” at the Warper Party here in New York City. That’s tonight, Monday, at 7pm. It’s basically just an informal hang, but we can hopefully demonstrate the cooling effect of thinking about MIDI on this blazingly hot day. The event has something extra to recommend it: namely, me wearing some kind of absurdly silly hat involving a circuit board. I’m not even sure what this means yet, but I’ll be sure there are pictures so we can embarrass me internationally and not just locally.

Alternative controllers aren’t the only way to go. There’s also taking the controllers you have now, and attaching more of them, then programming them into a monster, eight-keyboard rig of M-Audio Oxygen8s so that partygoers can try their hands controlling Ableton Live. That’s what my co-host tonight at Warper, Matt Moldover, does with his Octamasher. Here’s a video from Austin, Texas. It shows anyone can get their hands dirty playing with Live.


  • Amazing, I'm really interested on alternative controllers too. On my pre-Ableton days, I took apart a Playstation joystick (because of the analog sticks), modded them to use the MIDI port and wrote a simple C++ app to allow me to send MIDI messages to my DAW. Today there are better sowftwares, and we can use stuff like the Dance Dance Revolution dance controller…

    Now I'm working on practice drumpads with piezo mics inside them to trigger samples… just to be like Information Society 😀

  • ocp

    Here's a video of me using a P5 Glove with Musolomo and Live:

    On the weird side but still interesting (I guess).

    Enjoy ( ;

  • El Jefe

    INSOC 4tw.

  • andersonoscar5

    PlayStation 3 is not only an expensive game console but also an excellent video player. It could play high-def Blu-ray movies in addition to standard DVDs with a Blu-ray drive

  • Nice, but I don't get the booka shade track! Sounds like a playback of the real track!

  • electro

    Playback? You mean that Braveti is not playing "body language"'s melody for real?

    I heard it live, and I can tell you that he plays the melody for real, I don't understand what you mean when you say "playback".

    About the music on background, I heard elements from many of the "body language" remixes I heard, so I guess is a remix of remixes made by Braveti to play the melody live.

    Check this other Braveti's video:

    Braveti also recreated the "body language" melody's sound in Ableton's Operator. This guy knows about synthesis too 🙂

  • nkem

    Everytime I see electronic music coverage from another country, it reminds me of how lame the scenes are in the US.

  • Ap

    Im sorry but all this is just horrific. I mean us is 10 years behind with nearly all electronic music. Huh…

  • hmm.. juan atkins, aux 88, derrick may, kevin saunderson, frankie knuckles?

    10 years behind eh? maybe we just jumped 10 years ahead in 88-93 and then chilled out and let the rest of the world catch up.


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