Being on the go is a terrible reason to have to give up your music creation tools. Syntrax is a popular solution, with a sequencer, a synth, and a sample editor in one software package for Windows Mobile (PocketPC) devices and Symbian smartphones from Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola. Now, this popular package is free.

I just discovered the other day that Syntrax one of the PocketPC/Smartphone sequencers has now been released as free. It only has a monophonic synth, but its quite customizable, and you can do pretty long and reasonable quality compositions on it… Moreover it’s free.. and a lot of people have pda’s/smartphones sitting round…

Indeed. And not only does this work nicely on your new fancy smartphone, it’s a great way to resurrect a retired model (ahem, broken contract), especially as that’s an opportunity to remove any nasty software installed by your carrier.

Could be quite useful as a sketchpad, or even for throwing in some extra tracks as a set.

Syntrax at

And yes, this fits squarely in the category of things you can’t do with an iPhone. (What is it about technological progress that often leaves you with less?) Many of you are big fans of the not-free but well worth the $16-27 Chocopoolp Software for Palm/Treo, including the legendary Bhajis Loops. I do wonder what will happen to them when Palm OS goes away, in favor of Linux; maybe a mobile Linux port?

But certainly, if you have a Symbian, Windows, or Palm phone, you have lots of mobile music options. (Blackberry, iPhone, cheap phones … not so much, unless someone knows of a Blackberry sequencer.)

Syntrax sequencers

  • Andreas

    Could someone list their favourite applications apart from this one? I have a Qtek S100 (Windows Mobile) lying around that I've been trying to find good applications for. Most pages are dead since 2003 and the only good one's I've found are PocketJam and Griff.

  • i bought this program.. about a month before it went free. DOH! Its fun, albeit a bitch to use on my old s60 smartphone.

    Bhajis is alleged to work on windows phones with style tap. I would like running that someday..

  • Cool! My email got read… ahh it shows how the simple things make one happy…

    Though this program also lets you load samples – so you can put together quite nice sounding drums and whatnot…

    Although I have this PDA for "hospital use"… its amazing how much more fun it is for non hospital use!

  • Now does anyone know how to get decent audio into the PDA? (note I said "decent" not amazing)…

    My Dell just has a small inbuilt Mic, which is only fine for practising guitar and seeing if i'm playing things right… i've seen some CF card audio interfaces, but they are very expensive…

    I guess I was hoping to be able to put off buying a laptop for a good while – So that I can buy some other instruments!