If you liked the news that the powerful synth-sampler-sequencer-pocket music studio software Syntrax was free, here’s even more software for your Windows Mobile device. Download Squad’s Brad Linder has done a terrific round-up, complete with sound samples and screen grabs:

Making music with Windows Mobile – Mobile Minute

Some, like Pocket Stompbox and a Theremin, are more of a novelty. But the free Frequency Tuner looks handy. (Of course, Brad will also tempt you with productivity-killing Windows Mobile apps.)

For more of this kind of tiny music gear, don’t miss the Palm Sounds (that’s palm as in your hand, not Palm OS necessarily).

Windows Mobile apps

  • Interesting.

    There is also <a>Milkytracker for Windows CE, a powerful tracker that resembles fasttracker.

  • poopoo

    There used to be a thing called miniMixa by a company called Sseyo. It had a Live type sequencer and different synths and sample players. They also did a desktop generative synth app called Koan, that you could make modular patches in then load them into the mobile application. I think Brian Eno did some stuff for it. Sadly they seem to have disappeared.

  • james

    is there anything for series 60?

  • @James: Syntrax runs on Series 60. But there may be others, as well.

    @poopoo: Yeah, I remember miniMixa, and sseyo.com in fact seems to be gone. Anyone know what happened to these folks?

  • Michael Una

    These posts have been great- I just got a mobile w/ Pocket PC yesterday and I was giddy when I saw that Syntrax post. This is icing on the cake.

  • SSEYO who originally made miniMIXA was taken over by Tao Group who were in the process of upgrading miniMIXA to v3 which had loads of new features. Sadly Tao Group went under at the end of May this year and I doubt that the software will ever see the light of day now. A couple of the developers are still in touch with me. More on the Palm Sounds blog if you are interested:


  • sean

    Do Windows CE devices support MIDI out? Or are these sequencers limited to on device playback only? Would be nice to carry around sysex backup on a pda/phone…

  • blip

    Where's Griff?

    I marvel every time I see these PocketPC posts about music software not mentioning Griff… Is that why it hasn't caught on, perhaps? If you're on a PPC every now and want to make some music on the go you owe yourself to check it out: http://www.planetgriff.com (It was a while since it had a big update but it still works and IMHO it was *far* ahead of the competition when first released anyway). A tad expensive with all the plugins perhaps.