I could personally produce really elegant, beautiful web code … if I made origami out of it, like so. Simon Pow on Flickr suggests what to do with your code errors.

We’ve got some big ideas for the future of Create Digital Music and Create Digital Motion, and we need your help. Everything you like here now will stay. We’re just adding some carefully-chosen features around it, overhauling the community side of the site (createdigitalnoise), and making things work better. We’re looking for a web hacker/developer who would like to join the team and help take the site to the next level.

We need someone with strong PHP skills, experience with WordPress, and Apache and Linux server administration. If you’re interested, get in touch (choose “Editor” and talk to me directly).

  • I'm sure it's too late in the game to consider, but if you're going to muck around with the plumbing… consider switching to Expression Engine. It can take you to places you never imagined – without knowing loads of PHP. It's a really solid, easy to use CMS, and the templating code is powerful.

    I'd discuss it further with you, but I've left web dev for… digital motion! =)

  • I used EE way back in the day. It's a nice platform, but WP is better suited to our needs.

    And we ain't scared of no PHP. We're looking at developing some additional features beyond what any of these platforms offer, and we'd like to add to our brain trust before embarking.

    Digital motion definitely trumps web dev, given the choice. 🙂