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Even as software continues to flourish, there’s still a great argument for a hardware box that does what you need — especially when that box has extensive feature sets, MIDI support, comes from Roger Linn, and costs US$375. Roger himself writes to let us know about the release of the AdrenaLinn III:

AndrenaLinn III Product Page

Like the models that came before it, the AdrenaLinn III is a guitar amp modeler with modulation and effects. The effects section is what really sets it apart: delays, filter sequences, and modulation are all synced to either the built-in drum machine or external MIDI. MIDI sync, of course, means you could easily integrate this with a software setup with tools like Ableton Live, Reason, or Cakewalk Project5. But it’s also little wonder that Linn, creator of various breakthrough drum machines, would turn a guitar effects unit into a drum machine.

The AdrenaLinn III incorporates myriad improvements over its predecessors, generally making this a more well-rounded unit, with enough effects that it could be an all-in-one solution:

  • New effects: Reverb, compression, tuner, enhanced modulation
  • New amp models, for a total of 40, Linn Design also says the improved models have better presence/tube saturation/tonal accuracy
  • Better MIDI control, now letting you get to nearly all settings from MIDI foot switches and expression pedals, with assignable foot switch functions
  • More presets, more drum beats

AdrenaLinn III guitar effects and amp modeling

I look forward to hearing one in person. And this sounds too nice, anyway, to let the guitarists have all the fun — this sounds promising on many other instruments, too. Roger tells us his wife uses her AdrenaLinn with a cello.

Since this really is software running in a box, if you have an existing AdrenaLinn, you can upgrade to the latest model for US$99, which sounds well worth it. We’ve predicted before that more affordable, capable hardware would continue to advance external gear at the same time as computer software develops, and this is another example of how the two can nicely coexist in your setup.

Other gear watching…

I’m more in the AdrenaLinn vein than Line 6 Pods, but if the latter interest you, Music thing gets the scoop on leaked specs on a new model.

Meanwhile, what many are really eager to see from Roger Linn is the collaboration with Dave Smith, the BoomChik. We expect that’s a ways off yet. Okay by me: more time to save the pennies.

  • Formant

    Just out of curiosity, does that second pic look slightly like an Audio Damage plugin UI to anyone else?

  • Ha! Must be using the same rendering software. The finished product will definitely be a real object, though, not virtual. 🙂

  • Great concept!

    However if Linn wants to woo guitarist, he needs audio samples up and pronto!

    We need more creative thinking like this though, so good job Robert 🙂

  • Doh, that should be "Roger", I need to wake up earlier :O(

  • jim

    I've been using an Adrenalinn II for 2 years and I love it. I'll definitely upgrade to III, just 2 chips to be replaced, easy!

    I mainly use it on a guitar but feed it with any signal and it becomes a great effects box (no stereo input though). Once you get to know the matrix well (hardly readable on stage!) it's very powerful.

    Nothing can replace this little box.

  • Jet

    Was wondering if it'll do anything trippy for vocals and the acoustic guitar. Any first-hand experience?

  • Buster

    Ah, the improved guitar sounds from the M-Audio Black Box Reloaded firmware are FINALLY making it into the Adrenalinn! This should be a nice upgrade for existing owners.

  • Jose

    Where can we hear the Adrenalinn?

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  • willum

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