M-.-n aka discodirt from Arkaos land shares what happens with a camera with a dead CCD. I love (digital) trash:

The camera in question is an old, “crappy” Minolta DiMAGE X20.

See, why can’t my gear break in interesting ways? All I get is something that refuses to turn on or a tape eject mechanism that fails. (Hello, Sony!) This is, of course, a tried-and-tested method in audio recording, as well; there are countless stories of unique sounds produced from dying DATs and failing tubes.

Got some attractive results from non-functioning gear? Let us know.

  • Thats funny. My friends old Sony digital camera just broke in *exactly* the same way. I was thinking of recording some video with it. Beaten to the punch!

  • oscar

    My Canon Powershot broke in the same way. Luckily, they are repairing CCDs with this fault.

    And yes, it's kinda cool-looking, but it's also irritating since it's my only camera.

  • Mine went the same way, but I only thought of taking stills before I sent it off for a replacement. doh.

  • My x20 went exactly the same way, but I only thought of taking stills before sending it back for a refund.

  • Anton, I fully expect a Jitter patch that does this within the week. Then we don't have to wait for equipment to go to get this. (And yeah, that is very irritating… still not as irritating as my equipment failing in boring and non-visual ways…)

  • Incidentally, M-.-n makes really hot, noisy chiptunes. 🙂 http://www.myspace.com/discodirt

  • And he makes the Piggy Tracker!

  • I'll try posting the failing CCD generated images of a PD-170…

    Mind blowing.
    Phazse out of tune, sometimes monochromatic blue with pink abberations and the shadows of the subjects…

    I'll capture that as soon as i come back.

  • zloo

    any video/still camera circuit bending conquistadores out there yet?
    do i have to ASK?

    plenty of obsolete cameras out there…

  • Manuel

    Hey peter, try to find one of this models:

    My powershot A60 went the same way.

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  • massta

    zloo, ever find any camera/bending?

    I have an old Sony Digital 8 that is worth playing with. Maybe some of those strong magnets near the CCD?