Deckadance DJ software
Following the tragic loss of its creator, software developer/publisher Image Line is dedicating Deckadance to its creator, Juan Antonio Arguelles (“Argu”). Deckadance, a DJ application with the ability host plug-ins and operate in a host mode, as well as support a variety of vinyl timecode systems, was the project on which Argu was focused at his untimely death; he had also worked on projects like FL Studio 7 and plug-ins by discoDSP.

Image-Line has also announced a new developer is taking on Deckadance in Argu’s absence:

Image-Line is pleased to hand the baton for Deckadance development to the capable hands of Luis Serrano Cavero. Luis is an experienced developer of DJ tools, including his own DJ midi controller, and brings further inspiration and enthusiasm to the Deckadance project. “We are very proud, and fortunate, to have Luis on the team” said [Jean-Marie Cannie, Managing Director of Image Line Software].

The announcement comes with the release of 1.13, with various bugfixes and improvements, deck sync and monitoring enhancements, and Behringer BCD3000 console support.

As we again offer our condolences, it’s nice to see this developer’s work memorialized and recognized; I hope we get to know more of the faces behind the tools we care about.

Deckadance homepage

  • RIP Argu. I love deckadance its the best djing software ive ever used…

  • Liked it more than Traktor. It does crash on me though. Lots of features but it is too cluttered. The effects grids are cool but if you don't use it I'd rather not see it. If I were using it it might be nice to have the on-screen reference a little larger than just the size of my thumb.

    For me this would be a great compliment to DJing with Ableton Live as it can make up for some of the things which Ableton lacks.

  • tvgarden

    i feel it better than traktor but still crashes a lot and filters are weak. yes, you can use you favorite vst plug in but…

    by the way, i hope to see one day something better than Midi to synchronize music apps. something like switching on/off (not OSC).

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