Adrien Mondot has posted a preview of his latest creation for OS X – eMotion. eMotion is an physically modeled, OpenGL powered particle engine enabled app that is Quartz Composer friendly, has an incredible text engine, and has Wii remote, wacom tablet, OSC and sudden motion sensor inputs to drive parameters. Watch the video to see for yourself, the text effects are quite amazing.

Unfortunately no public beta is currently available. You can check out Adriens other Quartz Composer and OpenGL related projects (with downloads and source) on his blog. Be sure to check out the “Simple Time Remap” application, it seems like the smoothest video scratching tool Ive come across.

eMotion looks to be an incredibly powerful and smooth addition to any VJ setup, especially with its Quartz Composer integration and text-savvy nature. This is one to keep an eye on. We’ll try and get you more details on eMotion, but for now you can lust after its mysterious ways and watch that video.

  • tomoe97

    Incredibly inspiring work! Some of these fx can be simulated with behaviors in Motion 3, but without the degree of interactivity and high fps rate of eMotion. Can't wait to try it out!

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  • Tim Bright

    Nice link, that stuff looks fantastic.

    I was taking a quick look at Adrien's site and was blown away by his time remap application. Does anyone know of a way that this is portable to say quartz, or even recordable as a movie file. I realize Adrien probably wants to keep his work close, but has he released some kind of comercial or public version? I think it would be a great little tool to have available to vjing.


  • Tim – Well, he is using a 100 frame per second camera to record, he isnt generating intermediate frames on the fly to slow down 30FPS stuff to that rate. Thats the trick 🙂

  • Tim Bright

    Hey Vade,

    Is that the case for his vjmouse application? Because you are able to load in your own movies, the ones I was using were recorded at 30fps, how does it sample up?


  • Did you guys see this yet?

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