GURU beat slicing diagramEd.: Our friend Wallace wanders in search of truly transcendent software use, and he’s taking the leap to GURU. Expect a review soon, but here’s why we’re interested — especially with a welcome update arriving free. -PK.

FXpansion has released the long-awaited Guru 1.5 update, which fixes numerous outstanding bugs and incorporates almost 100 new features. What’s amazing is that they’re offering this update for free to existing users. Again, this is another case of a company that could have slapped a major new version number on it and charged at least a modest fee for the update to existing users, and it’s evidence of FXpansion’s generosity and commitment to their customers that this update is being offered for free.

Among the new features:

  • Expanded audio export options, with options to render pads, tracks, engines or full mixes, with drag n drop to the host application or even back inside Guru for further mangling. I can see this being seriously useful for loop slicing and mangling
  • Expanded slicer functionality with greater precision and a new velocity implementation
  • Adjustable randomizer with options to control the amount and depth of randomization
  • New sample options for reversing samples, new layer modes and pre delays for fine tuning
  • Improved file browser functionality
  • Expanded sample library
  • Windows Vista & multi-core support
  • Expanded keyboard support so every function in Guru can be almost completely controlled without the mouse
  • Widely expanded MIDI implementation, with much more control over UI elements
  • Drop-out free audio engine, allowing for seamless transitions between kits while previewing

In short, not a whole lot of radically new functionality, but the workflow enhancements and expansion of existing functionality make this update a must-have for existing users, and will likely be enough to tip the fence sitters. I’ve used Guru on a friends machine, and while I really dug it, it just seemed to be missing a few things here and there. With this update, they’ve addressed all those problems by listening to their users on what could (and needed to be) improved. Consider me officially off the fence. When Guru was first announced, it held the promise of becoming the ultimate software beatbox. With the 1.5 update, Guru has officially arrived.

New in 1.5

  • Adrian Anders

    Guru's getting more tempting… but I kinda wish FXpansion would have devoted the same kind of effort to getting Drum Nine completed.

    How is the stability? FX is kinda known for having great… but buggy software.


  • Mibrilane

    Seems very stable to me, and the upgraded features are most welcome.

    Also comes with several gigabytes (yes, you read that right) of downloadable loops, kits, settings, etc. that are new for the 1.5 version. It takes a while to get, but again, most appreciated.

    I've got a Korg padKontrol and the auto-slice and assign to pads is perfect for such controllers. I've always sucked at programming drum beats, but this combination of the padKontrol and Guru has be close to the point of respectability. Well, at least where the drumming is concerned.

  • I just bought 1.5 and am completely blown away by it. Note: the 1.5 DVD has ~4GB of samples on top of the ~2GB that are now downloadable. Pretty high-quality stuff, too.

    With respect to interface, sound quality, tweakability, etc. – I'm not convinced that I will ever turn my A3000v2 back on. It's that good.


  • goutam


  • ok well this is looking all good and useful but how do you download it!!