Andrew Stone has added the term Elton Johning to the Urban Dictionary; head over there and give it a thumbs up.

Quick review: the term means to unplug from the Web to allow yourself some creative space, a concept suggested by Sir Elton John himself, who wants someone to tear down the Internet so we can make some music.

  • dj skeptic

    EJ is known for so many things, the least of which is this…EJing conjures up so many actions for this verb…i could list a few, but many are r-rated. good luck!

  • Thanks Peter. Your item on the front page is working.

    I submitted EJing as an abbreviation to Elton Johning a short time ago. It takes a few days for the editors to review a new term.

    I will let everyone know once EJing has been accepted. My sense is that EJing will eventually take hold as the "term" that becomes cultural norm. It just rolls off the tongue.

    Peter you should go over, get an account and submit the final variant of the term. 🙂

  • In case you didn't know, you made idolator.

  • bamse

    I can't give it a thumbs up in OS X Safari for some reason.

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  • My best ideas come out of long term EJ's. I think technically it's supposed to be Sir Elton Johning though

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