Our friend David Phipps of Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) has posted video of how he’s using his custom-built Monome, as featured in a tutorial here on CDM a few months ago:

In this application, the Monome is effectively an interactive sequencer; it works very elegantly in that capacity. Next step: David, in the spirit of the Monome community, perhaps you should release the software patch for the song so fans can play along? I can see it now: Monome software as music releases. (It’s like a DIY STS9 kit!)

In other news, can someone please go and shut up the rude trolls whining and complaining about the Etiquette interactive table video? Darned YouTubers.

Building a Custom Monome Controller, with STS9’s David Phipps

  • It just looks like so much fun to play with this controller. This type of interactivity can really stimulate ones creativity (at least it makes me want to get up and do music)

    The Etiquette looks pretty cool too, but it looks like there's less control over the sounds/sequence here (hence the youtubers trolling that the guy is just moving around blocks)

  • Hey, I'm all for criticism. Then there's just people being stupid, which seems to be the YouTube thing.

  • The people from Etiquette took it quite well.

    I liked the video lots, nice to hear some different genres of music done.

  • Oh, yeah, the reactions page was hilarious. That's the only way to take dumb commenters online: not seriously. 🙂 That's why we're lucky to have insightful commenters on CDM … sometimes more insightful, accurate than me!

  • Thank you, Peter. 😀

    … and now, about another one of those crazy giveaway contest … LOL

  • bliss

    When I see performances like that and the React Table featured on Björk's tour, it just reinforces my perception that sound can be treated as objects that one can build their sound sculptures or paint their soundscapes, or whatever. It's not about whether a person is actually playing a guitar, it's about a person taking a sound/color that was made on a guitar or other instrument that's capable of producing a sound/color and using it in a variety of different ways, perhaps making new sounds/colors.

  • dead_red_eyes

    I shut one of them up, for the time being. Hehe.

    I'd really like to own a Monome, but I can't afford the damn software that you need to go with it. It's a "one or the other" thing for me.

    Still saving up cash for the Tenori-On in the meantime.

  • NineTailedFox

    My solution to not being able to afford a 40h was to buy one anyway. Not very sensible, but it worked out OK.

    Anyone using Firefox with the Greasemonkey extension should check out the No YouNoobs script:


  • NineTailedFox

    dre: what software's that?

  • dead_red_eyes

    Don't have you to have MAX/MSP ?

  • You can also use reaktor, pd. Most people use max/msp because it's quite easy to create your own applications, but you can even code an application in java or flash to use with the 40h.

  • wow, peter, i'm honored you would feature my video. i look forward to all the youtube comments headed toward my inbox, ha.

    re: software, actually there are several apps that are freely available on the monome website for use with the 40h, all running on the free runtime version of max/msp. others, like the one i'm using to interface with ableton, are in chucK, also open source and free. a vst and au cross-platform plugin was just recently offered up by a community member. monomes are friendly and share.

    peter, i will most certainly consider releasing the patch and stems, that would be lots of fun. a creative commons share-alike 'kit'. i like it.

  • 4lefts

    just to chime in. the video was cool. the youtube etiquette vid was cool too, though i think a lot of people trolled it cos it was kind of hard for the uninitiated to figure it out. ignorance is no excuse though.

    @dead red eyes – to add to what others have said, i've had my 40h nearly a year an i've never bought for any software for it.

  • dead_red_eyes

    How much do they cost (fully assembled)? I checked out the Monome site and didn't see any prices and they're all out I guess. I'd probably have to hire someone to build one of these for me. I really like the 8 x 16 grid … that's really hot stuff.

  • 4lefts

    yeah, the original run have sold out. they were $500. they're doing more soon – they haven't announced dates yet, but expect around early autumn or something. the new 8×8 is called "64" now, and there'll be a 128 (8×16), and a 256 (16×16). the 16×16 will be over 1000 clams though.

  • dead_red_eyes

    I'd really be interested in the 128. Can't wait!!!

  • 4lefts

    i'm sticking to 8*8. i love the form factor and the fact that it's bus powered.

  • dead_red_eyes

    Are the other ones not bus powered?

  • 4lefts

    no. apparently it's impossible to power that many LEDs via USB. still, everything the monomes make is beautiful; i imagine their PSUs will be too.

  • NineTailedFox

    May as well ask this here as anywhere else; if I leave my 40h plugged in the whole time so I can admire the pretty lights, do I need to worry about the LEDs which are lit in the startup pattern losing brightness compared with the others?

  • Darren Landrum

    LEDs lose half of their brightness after about 100,000 hours of continuous service (that means actual "on" time). I think you'll be okay, really.

  • dead_red_eyes

    Hmmm … the fact that the 8 x 8 is bus powered is nice … but I still gotta dream about the 8 x 16 … it looks like the business!

    Seems that Ableton is the dream program for this … so guess I gotta get it. I just use Digital Performer 5 and Reason 3 … along with some guitars, synths, bass and such. Guess it's time to check Ableton out.

  • Don't the 8×16's have two USB sockets so you can have two cables running and providing that extra power without resorting to an adapter/wall wart?

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