Roger Bolton – Quartz Composer/Core Melt programmer, Quartonian developer and all around motion graphics whiz was kind enough to let us know he has released some free plugins for Motion and Final Cut Studio. VeeYou is a set of audio plugins that animate EQs and AUs. For those of you who VJ with Motion, these might be quite handy. For those that dont, they can be a huge timesaver for making baked animations.

You can read more and download the free plugins at the Core Melt Website.

  • Toastie

    Nice! Think I saw these in action at the Secret Garden Party festival a couple of weeks ago.

  • yeah you did, that was me roger from coremelt using them on the 6 way split led screen setup

    I'll be posting the full source quartz composer comps for these soon so people can use them in realtime vj programs.