Godard Anna Karina

Estesvan Carlos Benson sends along this film score he created for Godard’s Vivre sa Vie. Keep watching — he’s got a fantastic sense of picking up the rhythm of the actress. He explains:

It was basically produced with a Korg N364 and Sonar, back in 2004. Conceptually I just felt drawn to this scene. The original music created a stark irony (it was swing jazz I think). Additionally, and for whatever reasons, Anna Karina wasn’t quite dancing to the original rhythm. I was aiming for a tone that dealt with the larger aspect of the movie and her character, within the scene and outside of it.

Note to self: if I ever become one of the greatest directors of all time, be sure to get someone like Anna Karina in my movies.

Project details and lots more at his site:

Estevan Carlos will hopefully be contributing some items to CDM in the future, so welcome him onboard!

  • ivan

    I loove this movie. And I love Anna Karina and Jean Luc Godard. This is nicely done. Very!

  • I wish the N364 had more exalted status that it does now. I think it truly is a modern classic…

    Trully awesome this was..

  • beautiful scoring!

    actually when I was young (!) I owned a N364. I loved it, despite all magazines' reviews marked it as a little more than a toy, compared to the revolutionary M1…

    So, as a young boy, I feared I wasted my strenuously gathered money… Indeed there weren't resonant filters, however I composed my very first complete song with its sequencer! OK, I know it sounds impossible, but you can also live without resonant filters!!!



  • bliss

    This is one of my all time favorite movies!!! I've watched it twice this year. Another great one by Godard is Breathless. Going to wait until it's gets a bit chilly outside before I have one of my mini French film festivals again.

    Not sure about that score from the YouTube vid, though. It doesn't really capture the Vivre Sa Vie, from Nana's point of view. It's sort of like the view from someone else, someone who remembers that moment, who is aware of how her story ends. And so in that way it's not effective. Because in that scene , actually the only scene in the move, she liberates herself from her worries. It barely lasts as long as the music playing on the jukebox. Anyway, I think the scorer got most of if, just not all of it. He misses the best part.

  • Brilliant.

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