Logic Pro Studio 8 is barely out of the gate, and it’s already got an update. MainStage 1.0.1 resolves stability and usability fixes, and offers to save parameters when you switch patches. Check out the update if you haven’t already gotten it via Software Update. (There are related application support fixes releases, so in general, I’d give Software Update a spin before starting work with Logic 8.)

Anyone up and running with Logic 8? Care to share thoughts?

  • Loving it, so far. A lot of the workflow enhancements (Ableton-style browser, track and send creation, etc.) have noticeably sped the process up for me – one of the things that pushed me to use Live as my everyday sequencer were little things like that – I don't need complexity to bog things down!

    The single-window approach also works very well to make things more efficient – I've rarely had to go to the old standalone editor windows. Delay Designer is an incredible compliment to Space Designer – I've always wondered about how vanilla the Logic delays were – it's about time they gave some thought into that area.

    There's a lot I haven't had the chance to touch yet – Ultrabeat looks like it has some nice new features (step automation, anyone?) and I'm very much wishing I had a surround mix environment to work on… I also have yet to play around with the new comping features, although I'm certain I'll get to those in the near future. In the meantime, I've already recorded an album's worth of very abstract material using Logic – it's been a long time since I could say that!

  • Sounds great, thanks, Logickal! Have you tried ReWiring Live into Logic yet, or are you focused mostly on using each separately? I've always switched a bit between the two, depending on the project, but I'm curious how others approach this… and I know some people are less comfortable juggling multiple DAWs.

    Oh, and I hope you'll share some of your music when you feel like it, even unfinished.

  • ganjjjj

    I've been using rewire a little bit between live and logic, it seems to work pretty well but there has been some issues with some of my AU plug ins that have been screwing things up a little bit. For example my iDrum wont load when I'm using Live as a Logic slave. Reason seems to work a lot better as a rewire slave at the moment.

  • Matt

    I am really happy with Logic 8 so far. My G5 2×2.0 GHZ work very well – the performance is quite the same as with Logic 7, despite rumors that the G5 won't be enough to work smoothly. And i use a lot of heavy Software Instruments. I always use Logic with Live 5. So far no problems – even could use my old templates and songs.

    Though i had a few crashes – i hope Apple improve the stability.

    Recapitulatory – still my Nr.1 app for composing music.

  • Actually, I can't believe I didn't mention it – yes, setting up Rewire with Live is a DREAM compared to former iterations. Also, it may be my imagination, but I seem to be getting fewer Audio/Midi synch errors than I'm used to. I've had no problems with any AUs yet, either… I do have a feeling that I'll continue to bounce tracks out of Live to treat as audio when a piece is nearing completion, as I seem to prefer mixing with audio stems rather than ReWire instruments bussed in.

    Absolutely I'll share this stuff – I just need to get the running order wrapped up and it looks like it's headed out the door. I'll see about getting some previews up tonight!

  • I've got to say this is a fantastic package. I never loved Logic before, it was more of a putting up with it type-relationship.

    The single window editing is very smooth. Ultrabeat and the many other instruments that are included are capable, robust and fun.

    Also, the score window is great touch. You can see the influence of Live in many places (well, Garageband too).

    Rewire looks easy, easy. It appears like Rewire-ing to Plogue Bidule will be a snap (haven't done it, but looks so basic). I have a dual 2.5 G5, and I had one crash (I was clearly pushing it, too).

    As far as AU's go, there is one snag I ran into. It didn't like my Waves plug-ins, they crashed the validation. But, in the re-scan, I flipped them on and this odd folder called "Incompatible" showed up, and there were my Waves plug-ins and they worked. I get warned that they may cause instability now when I start up, but haven't had any trouble and I use them a lot.

    It's doesn't really have anything that feels like I've never seen it before, but they've taken a number of great things from various programs and rolled them together one very enjoyable environment to work in (no pun intended).

  • doug

    anybody used it on a laptop yet? I've got a G4 1.67 17", but want to clear off some drive space first. The system requirements put my system just within the acceptable level. Anybody happy running it on their laptop?

  • @Doug: I'm testing it on both a Santa Rosa MBP 17" and a first-generation MacBook. I had tested the previous version on a 1.5G G4 PowerBook. It runs, but you'll definitely hit a ceiling fairly quickly with some instruments and effects (especially Sculpture, Space Designer, etc., which are some of my favorites). You're likely to be a lot happier on an Intel Mac laptop. (The G5 desktops are great, but the G4 laptops, not so much.)

  • I'm running it on a Macbook – I do have to say that the single-window arrange would LIKE something bigger than a 13" monitor, but I've had no problems with the smaller screen.

  • Yeah, I'm testing on the 17" MBP screen and 23" display, both of which run higher resolutions. Both are much more luxurious. But then, you can get a great 23" screen (not necessarily from Apple), plus a MacBook, and still not hit the price of the MBP. And on the road, a compact layout can be just fine…

  • MonksDream

    I'm using Logic Express 8 on a 15" MBP with a 2.33Ghz Core 2 Duo with 2 GB or RAM. There are reports of the Take Folders having bugs and I can confirm that. The bread-and-butter's solid as far as I can see though. I blame most of my mishaps on lack of familiarity. Logic is its own universe.

    From what I hear the main difference between Express and Pro is the included instruments and the ability to mix in surround. Runs quite well. At $199 you get a great industry-standard DAW. One cool thing is the upgrade price is just the difference in cost between Express and Pro, $300. So you don't lose anything by trying out Express first. Recommended!