I’ve only had it for 12 hours, so I can’t do a proper review yet of the NuVJ, but its strange MIDI mappings (and those of the Total Control) have caused me enough trouble that I’ve posted about it on CDMusic.

the Total Control jogwheels use a bizarre schema for their endless encoder messages. All the MIDI controllers I’ve encountered in the past have used the same format for endless encoders, rotating clockwise will send out a stream of, (to paraphrase the machines) “+1″ messages. Counterclockwise gives “-1″. Spin your jogwheel or knob faster, and it sends out more messages per second. The Total Control, however, changes its message depending on how fast the wheel is spinning, so an increasingly quick movement would look like “+1 +1 +2 +3 +5 +7 +7 +8″ etc. Even more bizarrely, the values seem the reverse of what they should be, so a clockwise movement gives negative values.

So if you were thinking that these controllers looked just perfect to go with Resolume, VDMX, or any software that isn’t branded with a Numark logo, I’d take your laptop in and give it a spin at the store before dropping any cash.

  • The endless encoders of my Doepfer PocketDial send out the same MIDI data, when they are set up to behave like that old native instruments controller (I forgot the name of it). Software by native instrument as well as Abletons Live DO understand this "acceleration included" MIDI data. And of course you can handle such data in MaxMSP/Jitter and even with some environment-tricks in Apples Logic. I don't know other VJ-tools with build in support for this.

  • Jim Morrison

    Any suggestions for an equivalent controller with similar functionality yet without the quirks?