The sounds are lush and silky smooth, like a cello making love to an angel. The new, enhanced graphics are … breathtaking, in their spectacular range of colors and pixels. Yes, folks, it’s time for another multimedia extravaganza, as released on NES cartridge. This stuff is what we like to call “high fidelity.” It’s the medium of the future, man. Keep your new-fangled laserdiscs and enhanced multimedia CDs, and behold!

Alex Mauer tips us off with inside information on the work of … Alex Mauer.

Alex Mauer, creator of the first Nintendo cart music album, has already come out with his second cart. The new album features more songs (10) and larger graphics (full screen stills). Songs on the new album were composed by Alex Mauer and Phlogiston (a norweigan composer). The cost is $25 including shipping, and it can be ordered from his website – For a preview check out the youtube videoclips at his site.

ps – vegavox (first nintendo cartridge) is currently sold out! over 125 copies sold

Prediction: the music of Phlogiston will soon be heard in an upcoming Timbaland production of the newly washed-up Britney Spears. Samples, and “video” (okay, 8-bit stills):

  • BullBrusFordLand

    smop()'s nintendo music is way better:

  • smop()'s nintendo music is way better

  • Actually, no it isn't. Inauspicious debut btw,

  • Niq

    this is really interesting to me. i remember a interview with Beck where he said he wanted to release an album that you could interact with the music like a video game. this is a good start.

    i sure hope he reads this.

  • Alex Pennyworth

    Not bad. But the Japanese artist Dong ( if my HTML fails) is currently way beyond any other 8-bit music I've heard. It's actually composed to function well as music, not just relying on the nostalgic feel of square/triangle/noise waves like so much of the other stuff.

    If you do end up following that link, listen to Gone Square–the whole album, in my opinion, is fantastic. Listen especially to Gerbera, Robiopys, Lily of the Valley, Baby's Breath, and Narcissus. Go Square is also very very good.

  • Right, this is more 8-bit styled as what it is — unabashed game-sounding music. There is a range beyond that which can also be quite interesting. I think they are correct in that they're the first to use the cartridge as a delivery mechanism.

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