As we expected, we’ve been tipped off that despite leaked information on the Tenori-On from last week, potential buyers are unlikely to get a price break on the Tenori-On when it (hopefully) ramps up to full production after its limited edition trial run in the UK. If would-be Tenori-On buyers weren’t hungry enough for the first run as it is, that should help. This is a “marketing trial,” but based on what I’ve heard so far, I expect it’ll be very successful.

There are two launch events today and tomorrow, one from Apple tomorrow, and of course the Tenori-On press event and launch party today in the UK. Apple has what appears to be a music-related announcement, though my guess is any updates to their pro products (read: Logic) are likely to happen later in the month, closer to the AES show — that’s the timeframe used for Logic 7. This is almost certainly iPod/iTunes/Beatles-related. If there is anything of interest to musicians, of course, we’ll let you know. We’ve got our team covering Tenori-On, though, and if any of you make it, be sure to send links to photos, blog entries, and such!

More from me soon — deep in programming here in Pittsburgh. Updated: So busy, in fact, I don’t quite know what day it is — those of you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for what Apple has in store, their event is tomorrow. Me, I’d be happy if Apple would quit breaking camera capture support, among other things. Not as exciting as a shiny little portable something or the ability to buy the White Album again, but important nonetheless.

  • An interested visito

    Hi Peter,

    The Apple press conference is September 5th, Wednesday.



  • sonicstate just posted the first of their tenori-on vids. with basic rundown of the various input modes.

    it does look tasty, thats for sure. the stills don't do it justice. if I would want to buy something new these days, I'd definetly go for one of those. hmm.. maybe I will. 🙂

  • kit

    Peter –

    As a Pittsburgher in Brooklyn, I'm wondering, what the heck are you doing in Pittsburgh?!?!

    – Kit

  • vanceg

    So – Does anyone know of a place to order these for shipment outside of the UK?

  • theo den brinker

    The Tenori-On manuals can be downloaded.

    It can get complicated


  • poopoo

    The tenori sounded like a great idea until I read the manual.

    I think the midi support looks pretty crap. Only 4 midi CC parameters transmitted or recieved? I can't see any way to make it sequence anything other than note-on or note-off. All those bouncing and random things would be great controlling synth parameters instead of just pitch.

    The internal synth looks like a GM sound module. Only one "expression" parameter per synth patch. Internal effects limited to just reverb and chorus?!?

    Lucky its got "samplings" 😉

  • I just ordered at one of the Dealers in UK and I am outside UK.

  • PS. just learned that they won´t ship to outside UK adresses. better have friends in UK. =)

  • vanceg

    Yeah – I really like it as a neat "way beyond a toy but not quite my ideal musical instrument". But I can't afford $1300Usd for the thing at this point….As much as i'd like one, I think a lemur would be more useful to me (but it's even another $1000usd beyond the Tenori-On). Maybe someday I'll have that kind of cash.

  • Scalercio

    As a Pittsburgher in Chicago, I too can't help but wonder what you're doing in Pittsburgh.