I’m headed to the AES show. I can’t tell you anything, but here are some companies whose meetings I’m excited about:

  • Apple
  • Ableton
  • Cakewalk
  • Native Instruments
  • Cycling ’74
  • Trinity Audio (the mobile Linux folks)

I’ll let you figure this one out; some of those folks have made announcements, and some have not.

Exhibiting at AES? Send me your booth number and I’ll try to drop by! I should be around all weekend.

Going to AES? Let me know…

  • reaktor. please let it be reaktor.

  • Mike

    are ableton and cycling gonna announce whatever it is they've been working on?

  • Think I'm gonna head along and check it out now 😉

  • Actually, I should clarify:

    * Some of these folks won't be announcing anything new, but I will get to chat with them about specifics — in some cases, with the actual engineers.

    * Some will be announcing something new, and I know what it is.

    * Some have some new things in store, but I don't know whether they'll announce that bit, as well, or not.

    Hope that's sufficiently vague. 🙂 Anyway … expect something.

  • I'll be attending AES on the 6th. I'm going to shoot some video on JazzMutant. In general, plan on capturing a lot of footage at this event.

  • eshefer: seconded

  • cycling74 just announced MAX v5… which they are going to be showing at AES (I think).. shipping in Q108.

  • bdhm
  • Ok, and Now we can see what Ableton are up to. too.

  • {Waves} Please say hi to my mates at FXpansion (booth #941) –