While we’re on the subject of mobile music this week, I’ll just put this out there: does anyone know of attempts to build MIDI output interfaces for newer Linux and Palm devices? Using the original Palms, many people worked with hacked/DIY HotSync cables. I’d love to see that on the new Palm Centro. Or Windows Mobile. Or Symbian. Or anything, really. And what about all these great new Linux handsets starting to emerge? MIDI hardware isn’t hard to do, but what’s the device side like?

  • Peter, as far as I know the newer OS5 palms can't be used with MIDI. I don't know about the Centro for sure, but I would guess that it is the same.

  • sean

    As long as questions are being asked…. what about MIDI output interfaces for anything running Windows CE or Windows Mobile?

  • I'm with you. I think the issue is that the HotSync port *was* a serial port. Building a new add-on could be … erm … tricky.

    I'm kind of thinking the better solution is to use Bluetooth. Part of the advantage of these devices, after all, is that they're wireless. I don't know if any of the apps currently do this.

    The easiest way would probably be to go with Java, perhaps via Mobile Processing. There's a Bluetooth data library here:


    It won't help the existing, say, Palm apps, but it could work as a remote control for music — and then you wouldn't care too much about latency, etc., either.

  • MIDI? Technology of the 80's? Who needs MIDI when one can have OSC!

  • I use hardware. I need midi. I would love to use OSCNES, but X|k hasn't made it yet.

    The only thing that spits midi in Os5 i know of is this:


    So if someone can make a bluetooth to midi adaptor, it may work… Which may be an even cooler project.

    Maudio had something like this years ago:


  • Halfbakery:A MIDI to Bluetooth adaptor, bit late, obviously.

  • sean

    Then there's this guy if ever actually produces something…