So I was having a little chat with the Circuit Master over at about how and why we both got into circuit bending.

The number one reason, for me at least: tons of bend-able toys and devices can be found very cheaply at secondhand and thrift stores.

Which brings us to this:

circuit challenge

The premise is simple:

1. Wait until October 28th with growing anticipation.

2. Bicycle, walk, or swim to your nearest secondhand store.

3. Locate and purchase a cheap electronic noisemaking device.

4. Take it home and bend that thang!

5. Document the process and end result, then upload it to the internet in some fashion– Youtube, Flickr, etc, all with the tag “circuitchallenge.” (and createdigitalmusic, of course)

6. The Circuit Master and myself will gather the results
and feature them here and at

The winner will receive, um, a token prize of low value, to be decided later. Something though. And we’ll publish your picture on the internet for the universe to see.

Of course, it’s not about winning, oh no. It’s about getting off your keister and bending some circuits!

Never bent a circuit before but always wanted to? Now’s your chance!

So mark your calendars now, and hit up the forums here at with any questions.

*EDIT: Rodney from Tiger Claw Records has agreed to donate a few Circuit Bending Compilation CDs as a prize, and I’ve got a stack of CDs from FutureKomp to give away as well. If that isn’t enough incentive to get out there and bend on the 28th, you’re in it for the wrong reasons!

**DOUBLE EDIT: The Squarewave Parade has agreed to donate a parasite for the contest! Totally awesome.

***TRIPLE EDIT: HighlyLiquid has donated one of their MIDI kits for the contest! So cool!

  • But how will we be able to tell if they did it all in one day?

  • Ivan Smirnov

    Show the receipt 🙂

    Though.. I can buy something right now, tweak and capture it, then buy the same thing on Oct 28th 🙂

  • Heh, well honesty is the best policy and the only person you would be cheating is yourself.

  • Okay, so obviously we're not going to have a lot of control over how people enter, and we'll really have no way to verify whether or not you follow the rules.

    So, it's all on the honor system.

    If you live somewhere where all the shops close on Sundays, I guess an exception can be made as long as you honor the spirit of the event. And post your stuff on the 28th.

    Also, in case anyone forgets- this is supposed to be fun.

  • Dr Fau5tus

    Um. The 28th is a Sunday. In a lot of places the shops will be shut.

  • Mike

    I've never circuit bent before…but i'm very tempted to try.

    My niece has this one toy i thought was pretty fascinating…maybe i'll steal it from her…or go buy my own

  • I am in… wanna try out adding in other minisynths into the package just for fun. Wish I had some more pots lying around tho… might be a button only project.

  • I'm not a retailer or anything, but can I donate a prize?

  • I feel like someone should donate a wheel of cheese for the winner. Or maybe some dried meat. Perhaps someone in Wisconsin for cheese; Italy for dried meat. Winners need fine meat and cheese.

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  • noizelarva

    hey this sounds really cool. just as long as i can remember by the 27th to do it.

  • cool idea that's need galactic audience! I translated basic rules in french…


  • Awesome! International participation rules.

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  • You know I'm down.

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  • I would like to contact Michael Una about a group show in Los Angeles at the Bike Oven. I thought the magnetic -musical bike was really cool. Do you have video documentation you could send?


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