I talked a bit last month about my woes trying to use a Rosco iCue “intelligent mirror.” The short version: skip the lighting board and the lighting op / designer, and do what Jamie Jewett suggests here, via comments:

I am also using a hacked I-cue with projection and am quite happy with it –

for folks interested in DMX you might also look into the LANbox products – depending on what product you get you can send it DMX, MIDI, USB, ethernet as well as digital and analog sensor data – it’s pretty sweet – it also comes with a piece of free (download-able) software which functions as a light desk on your laptop…

It also has preprogrammed objects for connecting directly to both the Max/MSP/Jitter world (which I am using) and to Isadora (which I have used and would recommend highly – the learning cure is no where near as steep as with jitter…)

my main issue with the I-cue has to do with the difference between the x and y range and the transation between the ‘Cartesian’ world of my 2d desktop and the quasi 3d/polar world of the I-cue – I am finding moving video in a straight line to be quite a pain in the back side…

but between the I-cue and the Lanbox there has been no issues at all…

Sounds like someone needs to build a patch that translates to the iCue … maybe even via joystick input.

  • Hey Peter

    the patch is not the hard part – using the LANbox it is all remarkably easy – and yes – I am running my own DMX cable and just bypassing the theater's lighting system all together – though this is also quite straight forward to control from Max using the LANbox – just one too many hats for now –

    I would STRONGLY suggest using a trackball rather than a joystick with this set-up –
    I tried the joystick route at first and it proved to be one of the more spastic UI experiences I have ever had –

    The track ball works well – I am using it both to pre-set cues and for live manipulating in my performance –

    also – because of the digital and analog sensor in ports you can use sensors to control the LANbox as well – for those of use who dream of being total cyborgs…

    Come see us if you are in the Providence RI part of the world in two weeks:


  • No, the patching / LANbox arrangement makes sense — I just wondered when you talked about orientation if a patch that did some intelligent translation might make sense.

    And, oh yeah, the trackball does sound like a better idea. đŸ™‚ Joysticks I will say depend largely on quality … not that I'd spend the money, but I've felt some $300+ joysticks that felt fantastic. They might still be the wrong hardware paradigm, though.

    I'll have to see if I can get up to RI; ever in nyc? (maybe will catch you at the Joyce Soho in March!)

  • Qwik

    How is the accuracy on the Icue when used for projections. Is there any straying of programmed positions? for example: If you have had  3 screen positions in a room – could you switch back and forth between them all and they would line up exactly again to the edges of the screens?