It’s on! The Circuit-bending challenge is officially underway!

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A quick review of the guidelines:

1. Bicycle, walk, or swim to your nearest secondhand store.

2. Locate and purchase a cheap electronic noisemaking device.

3. Take it home and bend that thang!

4. Document the process and end result, then upload it to the internet in some fashion- Youtube, Flickr, etc, all with the tag “circuitchallenge.” (and createdigitalmusic, of course). Still images, audio, and video are all fair game. Bonus points for all 3.

5. Add a comment to this post with links to your entry. I will add them to the post itself as they are received.

You have until midnight on Sunday. Go!*

(* or whenever you like, because we don’t know what time zone you’re in … see comments for further disclaimers.)

An auto-updating slideshow of all flickr’d entries can be seen at, thanks to the esteemed Circuit Master.

Here are the entries, in order received:

Zombie Jesus by Ryan J:


Mini-Furby by George Lazenbleep (With excellent documentation!):


Mystery Black Box by Evil Paul:


Plastic Guitar by Stephen Haunts:
Stephen Haunt

The Monster by El Colin

Zapper by Vanillatray:


Circuit Bent Toy Guitar by Johan & Lukas Larsby (bonus points for hilarious video):

Some kind of bleepy, blinky thing from BRIAN!


A Saxophone from Fin, which died in the process:
fin sax

Squelchbox knocks it outta the park with “The15 Puzzle”:


Burnkit gear’s Kawa Clone:
burnkit gear
Link w/audio

Octatone’s 99-cent guitar:


Kubton’s Little Tykes Keyboard:

VJ Anomolee destroys the Easy Button:
vj anomolee

Here’s my own personal contribution to the day: A Prenatal Heart Listener

Looks like some fierce competition already- keep those entries coming!

[Ed. note: We left out a reference to Reed Ghazala’s superb book on the topic in our story the other day, so let me mention it again. Reed’s Circuit Bending tome is the best paper reference to this stuff. If you feel a little, ahem, inadequate on skills after seeing the artistry in these entries, as I certainly do, it’s the place to go. Now that you’ve got your feet wet, well worth checking out the book for some additional chops! -PK]

  • "You have until midnight on Sunday. Go! "

    Some of us in different time zones might be late πŸ™‚

  • Two days? And I thought it was a one day bendathon.

  • Let me be clear — we're musicians. Our, erm, sense of deadlines is fluid even WITHOUT time zones mucking things up. And as I'm regularly collaborating with Australia (Jaymis in particular), I sure don't know what day it is any more. So even if you're on Mike's Chicago Standard Time, bend the guidelines of this bending challenge as much as your, uh, bending.

    That means right now, or several hours ago, or several hours from now you may officially begin this one or two day challenge until such time as comes the stroke of midnight in Greenwich, or Greenwich, Connecticut, or somewhere with really nice bells on Sunday or Monday if you put things off because the stores were closed Sunday and your significant other wanted to do something other than bending or maybe you really started a bit early but can go until a few hours later when you're done.

    Void where prohibited, unless you're a bada** and want to bend the rules, in which case unprohibit that sucker.

    So, yeah, just bend something nowish / soonish and you're good.

  • Well I didn't have a lot of time this weekend so I decided to do a quick little hard bend and add some LEDs to a Tales of Glory Talking Jesus Doll.

    All I could find was pitch up, and pitch down points. No glitch points to be found on this minimal black blob toy.

    Sorry for the low quality photos, but it's better than none at all. πŸ™‚


    Video: (The LEDs are brighter IRL)

  • Er… here is a photo slideshow:

  • the evidence is here;

  • Thomas

    Any possibility to bend it and evidence it tomorrow? I'm working a show today/tonight and all the shops are closed. :/

  • Thomas: totally. Even here in NY, some of my favorite shops are closed. I can't imagine what happens for people living in Paris, etc.

    So, yes, we totally, absolutely expect to do Bending Challenge Day 2 tomorrow / Monday.

  • That means right now, or several hours ago, or several hours from now you may officially begin this one or two day challenge until such time as comes the stroke of midnight in Greenwich, or Greenwich, Connecticut, or somewhere with really nice bells on Sunday or Monday if you put things off because the stores were closed Sunday and your significant other wanted to do something other than bending or maybe you really started a bit early but can go until a few hours later when you’re done.

    I love sentences like that. πŸ™‚

  • Here is my entry for the challenge. It was a bit of a pain because the charity shops in my local town were closed, but I found some toys from earlier on in the year that I hadn't bend yet.

    Hope you like. There is an mp3 clip to listen too also πŸ™‚

  • Circuit Bending Challenge!

    Experience the sweetness feel to flying the music sea!

    I haven't bent anything in a couple months because I just relocated. To South Korea. This got me moving. I feel great knowing that people are going through the some of the crap I had to go through to make this awesome thing in one day. Lack of supplies kills me, but it made it special and even more of a challenge. I am happy with the end result. "The Monster" I suppose is fitting for the result.

    My blog has pictures, the video of the final product and a bonus video diary type thing of my running around crazy all day.

    My partner in circuits should be posting one soon as well:

    The video of the final product is here also:

    The video of the process is here also:

  • van

    Here is my entry. Links to the youtube and flickr can be found on there.

  • van
  • Hi Michael, I think you have put the wrong link on for my plastic guitar on the above post. oops πŸ™‚


  • Johan Larsby

    My entry here

    I'd just like to say that you other guys stuff are awesome!

  • oops! Sorry Stephen, link is fixed. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • No worries πŸ™‚

  • Okay, my jaw is on the floor.

    You folks are freaking amazing.

    I still encourage simple hacks, just to make the rest of us feel a little less n00bular. πŸ˜€ So keep them coming in!


  • Hi Mike!

    This was a great time! Why didn't you do this sooner? –

    My video isn't up with the others.

    "The Monster" by El Colin

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    It was awesome!

    Can't wait to see the other bends!

  • Fin

    Just spent 6 hours on bending a saxophone toy and it just broke. Lorddd… Erggg… πŸ™

  • Don't feel too bad, I've toasted an sk-1 before. πŸ™

  • Ahh bad luck Fin. Post some pics anyway!! I had a soldering accident with mine. Left the iron on a lead to long and it fell out the board. Got it back in eventually. lol

  • "so, I am in"

    but just got done with work- will post my bend in a while- purchased a noise toy at the "will"- Now-will start the mayhem!!! ok-she is a little lame- but what can you do, when its all chance!

    cool man


  • Yes, "bending casualties" are just as welcome in this challenge. Keeps it real.

  • heres the link to my flickr gallery of it. youtube soon!

  • And…. I just killed mine. Lemme see if I can resurrect it.

  • Fin

    Haha… okay here's my casualty.

  • heres the video of it in action

    last night when we were playing with it our hall light was flickering and it was making awesome noises with the LDR. i will take and post another video of it with the flickering light tonight.


  • Here we go. The vids still uploading to youtube but the pics made it to flickr by 11:30, whew 8)

  • Hooray for blobs!

    Mine finished is here:

  • Rats a few minutes late. I tried but life intervened.

    Anyway my (late)entry is is here:

    Had fun doing it and seeing other creations.

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  • Here's the vid

    Rock and roll


  • Here's my entries:


    Short video of the results

    I also posted a bit on my website, but it's showing the post for today even though I posted it yesterday. I will be doing more of a write up on it as we did it as kind of a bending workshop, even though I pretty much bent everything.



  • I put in a long comment with links to everything I did, but it says that it went to spam. Hopefully it will get caught, and put up.

  • I think what's happening is our spam filter is getting freaked out by all the links. πŸ™‚

    If ANYONE has problems, they can email me directly, peter (at) create digital music (dot) com. I can actually recover your comment pretty easily from the spam filter; I just need to know who it is and that it's there because we get hundreds of spam comments per hour. (really!)

  • Hey Peter,

    Thanks for fixing that for me, and for being part of getting this event going. I'm looking forward to next time/year (if there is one) so I can focus on just mine piece since I ended up bending 4 things.


  • There will definitely have to be a next time! We may even want other themed challenges; this was really amazing.

    And to everybody else, still keep sending in those late entries — we'll have a round up real soon now, so everyone not currently in the story above, I think we'll just have a master story with everything. Or something. Working on that. πŸ™‚

  • All right, all entries up until now should be posted. Drop me or Peter a line if your entry didn't get in there.

    My own creations died, both of them. I was going to enter as "exhibition" anyway, not actualy competing, but oh well.

    That's the way the circuit crumbles.

  • Yeah, my first one ended up being a dud as well, so I had to go and get a replacement that wasn't nearly as interesting. That's a good representation of circuit bending though, because you just never fully know what will happen once you start.

  • Yeah, I spent an hour or two trying to bend a leapfrog toy and never got it to do anything. Also, I was kind of ticked at the amount of completely broken toys at the huge Goodwill by my place. But I did see a bent boombox out in the wild:

    Can't wait for your themed challenges. Kudos everyone! Someone should throw all the bends up on a wiki for future reference. I know I'll be putting some of these items on my buy it if you see it list.

  • OK

    Here is my entry. If anyone knows where i can post samples, please let me know. i dont have a video camera.

    i just started bending this summer, so i am still very new to this.

    Anyway , my unit incorporates a homemade cd4001 lfo i tucked away inside a breakout box, its got pitch and lfo speed, and a 1/4" output. its a really cool bend and I am so glad i did the contest. I had to work late so this had to get posted this morning.

    here is the link to the photos:

    if you want to hear it, just email me at

  • You can upload quickly to

  • There was nothing too great from my toy find from yesterday! The results can be found on my myspace/igloomartian. It was fun-

    cool man


  • loss1234

    here is the soundbite of my circuit challenge monster

  • BTW, when can we get together and do some guitar ensemble playing guys?

  • salamanderanagram
  • salamanderanagram
  • Here ya go…I tried to post this last night, the submit called it spam. Youtube and flickr stuff was posted before midnight (webpage was updated with some samples just past midnight).

  • here is a blog post of my bent challenger:

    i finished it at 3am after a whole day of adventures (power outages, broken heating, etc, etc) and was to tired to edit together a video, but ill get that up on youtube shortly.

  • Woot! Just got my photos up using Bubblr:

    You can see all those pix on flickr under the tag 'circuitbendingchallenge' as well, of course – but those are not yet annotated.

  • my video on youtube just processed!

  • Blurb on my webpage now…


  • Added to the 99-cent guitar and found some more noise it makes:

  • What the fridge …

    that "i" or "l" needs to be a capitol I at the end … your comment system is thwarting me πŸ˜›

  • got it. in the source the commet seystem is trying to convert the link into html or unicode entities. just copy and paste that link and it will work.

  • octatone

    okay last video I promise:

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