OS X LeopardApple has officially announced October 26 as a release date for OS X 10.5 Leopard. The general buzz I’ve heard from developers is pretty happy. They haven’t broken NDA, but I can tell they’re in a good mood. And, ironically, Apple’s delays — which they attributed to transferring OS developers to the iPhone project, a move that irked many Mac loyalists — have had the upside of giving third parties more time for fit and finish on the new OS.

On that note, developers and software publishers, I’d love to hear compatibility reports. What works? What doesn’t? Users will no doubt want to know when to upgrade, and generally digital musicians and audio producers are advised not to upgrade on launch day, with any OS (certainly not a critical machine). We’ll keep you posted.

Update: Okay, maybe you can go out and upgrade on launch day, because so far we haven’t heard of anything breaking. Well, so far, anyway; we’ll know more once people install the OS en masse. Of course, this is the idea of building a strong OS foundation: you shouldn’t have to change MIDI and audio underpinnings with each OS release. (Previously, even Mac OS had a tendency to do so in significant ways, at least for some hardware and software.) Anyway, with any OS update, things can go wrong; there are always isolated stories of people with issues with any OS release. Backup and enjoy.

Importantly, anyone know how hardware device driver compatibility is going?

  • maz

    I know ableton works in Leopard with no problems. As does Cubase and DP. Other plugins and hosts I have no clue yet.

  • dead_red_eyes

    Cubase 4 actually works? ZING! Sorry, I have some friends who bought into that craptastic version of Cubase … poor guys.

  • dead_red_eyes

    I really can't wait to get Leopard tho, as I'm really diggin the whole "Spaces" thing. But I've got to wait and see support for my interface before I upgrade. Great to hear that DP is working with it tho!!!

  • John

    Yeah, been using the latest developers release of leopard on my Mac Pro. Logic 8 works fine, as does my Powercore Compact and my RME Fireface 400. All third party plugs I own work also, ie. Sonalksis, Ozone, PSP. Hopefully someone finds this useful

  • velocipede

    Can I run my classik aps on Leopard?

    No, no, just kidding really.

  • dead_red_eyes

    Nice to hear that the iZotope plugs are working John. Thanks for letting us know.

  • dead_red_eyes

    Also, I know we're all looking forward to the allegedly "completely redesigned" Core Audio FireWire. Hopefully many of these spiking problems will be fixed for many people, that and other things.

  • I'm not sure, dead_red_eyes, how much will then rely on vendors to update their FW support, or how much will work "magically" with the OS. But it'll be interesting to see.

  • bliss

    I just hope it's not authorization city with the new OS. I can't even remember what apps failed authorization checks when I migrated from Jaguar to Tiger. I just hope I don't have to spend a Saturday morning and afternoon futzing with serials and whatnot. Anyway, I do remember not having audio application problems when upgrading right away. And since I don't use ProTools that made things even easier. ProTools users are always an OS update or two behind other audio platform users.

  • Well, Pro Tools is generally just not certified for the new OS; that doesn't necessarily mean it won't run. But that is correct.

    Authorization — well, yeah, this falls on the developers. I regularly reinstall OSes, and have to reauthorize a lot, unfortunately. That's why (cough, Ableton!) it's frustrating to deal with developers that don't let you *unauthorize* machines. So, NI for instance, easily lets you cancel the authorization on one machine to transfer it to another, which makes the move not so bad. But you will want to have serials handy, yes.

  • ricemutt

    how about reaktor? anyone given that a shot?

  • Driver compatibility is really far more likely to be the issue than applications, so odds are you won't have app-by-app issues. That's part of what's implied by the Digidesign certification — Pro Tools itself may be fine, it's the hardware. Ditto other platforms (if a little quicker, generally).

    Part of the reason we were dealing with application compatibility on Vista, by comparison, was that we had an overhaul of the graphics model, higher-level APIs apps do interract with, and (importantly) user level access at the level apps interact with. And on OS X 10.2, 10.3, and 10.3.9/10.4, there were changes to Core Audio and Core MIDI — not nearly as radical, but still requiring support for certain things. I don't think there's anything quite like that in 10.5

  • Jason

    If the primary use for your Mac is doing audio work, you have ZERO reason to upgrade immediately. None. Nada. Zilch. Your operating system exists solely to run your audio apps, drivers, and plugins. Don't mess with your operating system unnecessarily. Wait it out and let others work through the issues first.

  • Chris

    My M-audio Ozone keyboard is no longer detected under 10.5 on a 1.5Ghz Powerbook. I did an archive and install, and reinstalled the drivers (says 10.4.9 PPC) but nothing.

    Just going to echo Jason and say hold off until there are new drivers and you know stuff will work.

  • jason you could not be more right… there is no reason to upgrade… please have the sense to wait…im certainly not going to a live gig with leopard until im 100% sure…

  • Steve

    @Chris : I've got an M-Audio Axiom 25, which is recognised in 10.5, but not in Logic Pro. To be fair though, I only just bought it, so I don't know if it worked with 10.4 or whether I haven't configured it correctly!

  • Dwight D. White

    I'm with Chris. Leopard will not recognize the reinstalled driver (OS X 10.4.10 – Intel). That's the most recent Ozone driver on M-Audio's site.

  • Pat Pourri

    Leopard 10.5 sux with Pro Tools 7.4 or 7.3, it just doesn't work. Either does my lexmark lazer printer…..

  • ernest

    hey pat pourri I think I'm having the same problem that your having for some reason I can't seem to get protools working it says the the device is being use by some other program or it is not installed , I just wanted to know if anyone has had the same issue with osx 10.5?

  • Martman

    Hi ernest. Having the same prob you're having. Same error message. Same OSX & version 7.3 Pro-tools. Can't re-install tiger over leopard either. Apparently each OS is machine specific. Will call the Macbook Pro retailers tomorrow & see if they've got any ideas. And Digidesign while I'm at it. Checked the Digidesign site. Found a notice buried in there somewhere that says Tools versions 6 through 7 will not work with leopard OS.


  • mario

    i've leopard os….abletlon works but i cant open almost of plug in as kontact,trilogy,atmosphere,massive and all izotope……

    should i try with another platform?