I expect I’ll be somewhere over the Pacific Ocean on my way to Australia when it happens, but now that Ableton has closed its beta list and sent out a release candidate, you can expect an official Ableton Live 7 release really soon now. (I can share that, as the forums and beta list said as much!) Francis Preve has a good Cliff Notes-style guide to what’s new for Beatportal. I’ve been using it in performance and hope to do that some more on the road, so stay tuned.

You can now go ahead and buy Live 6 and get the upgrade, so no need to wait.

  • what are you going to be doing in Aus Peter? Melbourne Ableton and CDM fan here.

  • Im really looking forward to live 7. I will probably wait til january toget it though as christmas coming up so will be skint 🙂 Im very keen to start metting wth the new drum racks system.


  • blacklightmartin

    It's here! See <a href="http://www.ableton.com” target=”_blank”>www.ableton.com.

  • jim

    I confirm.

    I bought the Live 6 upgrade last week, installed it today and I could immediately upgrade to Live 7. For free.

    I haven't tested it yet though.

  • robotsredrobots

    it is here! downloaded upgrade today along with tension, analog, electric and drum machines……. it is so freakin' sweet! puremagnetik did a great job on the drum machine presets too!

  • yeah I really like those drum machines, especially the Linndrum. I am going to do some many prince covers.

  • Alan

    a little disappointed with getting my Live 7 box. something about a broken print machine. Why not send the EIC2 and Session DVD'a now and send the manuals when they become available? After all, the manual IS online. But they sucked up the cost from my checking account as soon as I made the order. That's about a nickel in interest I lost.

    I'm done.

    Yea, I know, I'm 58 and I shouldn't be so impatient… right… sure…