Video output on MacBook

Via comments, Eelke (whose system is shown above) alerts us that previous video output problems running Windows in Boot Camp appear to be solved in Leopard — at least using the MacBook Pro. (Phew — get all that?)

See the ongoing thread on VJforums. Eelke says:

My configuration:
– MacBookPro 2,16, 2GB ram, with ATI X1600
– Upgraded to Leopard (OS X 10.5)
– Used the same Leopard DVD to update all drivers in bootcamp / XP
– Rebooted with DVI>s video dongle plugged-in, s-video out attached to small reference monitor

After the initial booting XP logo which we had all the time, I suddely saw my desktop cloned on the small screen. All I had to do is go to desktop>preferences to extend windows to the secondary monitor, and it worked.
After that I used ATI Catalyst control center to set the screen (now recognized as a TV!) to run in overscan, no problem at all, even during live rendering (with visualjockey).

Houray! Houray!

A sad side-note however is that regular macbooks with Intel videochips and mini-dvi adapters still don’t seem to work properly under XP. Maybe under Vista, who knows?

Okay, anyone tested MacBooks (non-Pro) on Leopard? Is there a way to make this work?

Certainly, booting the Mac side for Quartz Composer, Final Cut, Motion, VDMX, then switching to Windows for Resolume, vvvv, games, etc. has some serious appeal as a visualist dream setup. (Overkill? Sure. But a lot better than juggling machines or being forced into the OS by the hardware.)

  • Hey Peter, thanks for the post. I was waiting for this good news for a long time! How did resolume behave on the mbp, any impressions?

  • Hey, thanks for posting this 🙂

    I must say there still seem to be some problems for other people, such as Matos on vjforums. He has an iMac with the same ati card and can't get it to work (I have no idea why).

    However, I just got home from a 5 hour gig and the setup described above worked the entire time, even after returning from sleep mode and reboots (windows… sigh.)

    Note that I haven't been able to test Santa Rosa's, nor on later MacBookPro's (the ones with NVIDIA cards). – So people, let's boot up 🙂

  • jay

    I can confirm that the DVI-to-Video adapter is still not working on MacBooks running Windows XP through Boot Camp. Just a lot of stuttered attempts to switch over, but no image on the external monitor. I'm guessing this is due to the unique graphics situation on the MacBooks? Hopefully this is something Apple will resolve soon; the only reason I added XP was to watch Netflix movies online!

  • update: macbookpro with nvidea also works, see cat's post at the vjforums page:

  • w00t

  • OrT

    Excellent news, makes us and Jonas happy!

  • wish i would have seen this before dropping $50 on a scan converter. Res 2.41 on MBP has been like a dream come true–best of both worlds for reals.

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  • Hey,

    As I understand s-video output is still a big problem with macbook (not pro) and windows xp + resolume.

    I was google'ing a lot and thought maybe such a trick as using something like a could work? I think like this – runing Resolume on Windows xp in VMware Fusion and using osx for full screen and outputing it to projector?

    What do you think? Maybe someone allready tried something like this?

  • Hi Nenenas. I'd say that may possibly work, but you'd probably get a big performance hit. I'd say buying a scan converter is a better option if you have to run resolume on your Macbook.

  • Maybe someone has any ideas were to buy a cheap one portable scan converter? Shipment to EU?…

  • hello,
    i tried to solve the problem with the vodeo output by installing leopard on my laptop. but it still don´t work ! Does anyone have a hint how to ake it work ? URGENT !!!

  • Is there anyone else who maked this thing work ? i don´t find anyone else telling this.

  • Tried this on MBP (2.4/Nvidia 8600GTM/OSX 10.5/XP SP3)in various permutations with no success….

  • KingGeorge

    Try the latest driver –

  • igor

    try this tip and see if works: