Byte Me Festival 07 - Perth Town Hall 2-9th December This time next week Peter and I will be in Perth, Western Australia, basking in the geekly radiance of ByteMe festival and enjoying the hospitality of the inimitable Kat and Jasper, a.k.a. CDMo favourites VJZoo.

We don’t have any official panels or workshops planned. Instead we’ll be devoting our time to documenting the goings-on and creative outputs of all the other cool people who are attending the festival.

Aside from catching up with the ArtificialEyes crew and Australian Visualist extrordinaire Jean Poole, this festival will be especially exciting for CDM as it’s the first time Peter and I get to meet In Real Life! Will we still get along after our fleshy casings have shared a continent? Will the CDM empire crumble as we discover that we’re not really interested in writing about CreatingDigitalThings? Watch this space to find out.

After the festival concludes on the 9th of December Peter will accompany me back to Brisbane for CDM Summit ’07, where we’ll discuss the future of CDM, work on CreatingDigitalStuff, and probably play quite a lot of Strikers.

Leisure time aside, we don’t really have anything concrete organized, so if any CDM readers will be in Brisbane between 9-14th December and are interested in an informal get together, or would like to catch up at ByteMe festival, make with the comments.

Ed.: If you happen to be coming to Perth, or know folks who live there (and really, who among us doesn’t have lots of friends in Perth), be sure to sign up for events! Many require an RSVP. And if you can’t make it to Perth, we’ll make the virtual experience as rich as possible! -PK

Byte Me! Festival Events List

  • MoRpH

    See you all there, make sure you come down to the fairlight fetish night, the VJ zoo crew and I will be smashing it up oldschool style. Looking forward to meeting some of the CDM crew.

  • Great to see all the happy faces, but none were known to me. I was in the prep scoohl from 1943-45 and in the Main scoohl in 1946. My parents returned to the UK after the war and where I and my brother completed our scoohling.Now reside in Melbourne and have 2 friends nearby one of whom Reg Lee was a compatriot of mine at BCS, the other Peter Aynsley was younger than I and was in the prep scoohl at this time. My brother Nigel and cousin Chris Smith were in the prep scoohl at this time also, I used to walk up to the prep scoohl several times in the year to be with my Brother and Cousin. Reg Lee also lives in Melbourne and we mainly keep in touch by phone. Chris Smith lives in Sydney and we frequently see him whenever we visit Sydney.Johindra Chahal (Wife Dorothy) was in the same batch as my brother and who I also befriended when they both visited Australia in 2005 and stayed with us for a week.

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